Vacationer Saves Blood-Soaked Homicide Suspect In Balcony Fall In Mallorca, Spain

Thinking he was doing a good thing, a Scots vacationer in Mallorca, Spain, saved a blood-soaked victim of a balcony fall. It turned out the man wasn't the victim he seemed, as he had just brutally attacked a man in the room above and was a homicide suspect.

Archie Campbell and his partner Maureen Kinnane were vacationing in Mallorca, Spain, at the Globales Palma Nova Palace Hotel in Palmanova. Kinnane alerted Campbell, 55, when she saw a blood-soaked man dangling from the balcony above their 4th floor hotel room.

As they watched in horror, the man fell, landing on the ledge just next to their balcony. The couple tried desperately to hang on to the man to stop him from falling further down to the concrete below and in the process Campbell saved what he didn't realize was a homicide suspect.

According to the Daily Record, Campbell said that when it happened, all they could see was the man's legs, danging above their balcony and then the man fell, landing on the narrow ledge on their floor.

"My partner and I grabbed him. He would have fallen to the concrete below if we hadn't."

"He managed to jam his foot under the balcony but was hanging upside down."

"He was covered in blood but I didn't know what had happened at that point."

Shortly after this, there was a loud banging at their hotel door and suddenly the room was invaded by police and hotel security staff. The officers were responding to a report of a savage assault on the floor above the couple's room and the couple discovered that the blood-soaked man was actually the homicide suspect.

Reportedly an Italian man had been brutally bludgeoned and died from his injuries after being transferred to the local hospital.

As reported by the Mirror Online, police and security guards, with the help of local firefighters with ladders, managed to pull the homicide suspect, reportedly also Italian, into the couple's hotel room.

Campbell told the media after they returned home, neither Thomson Holidays nor the Globales group had been in touch with them and that their vacation "was totally ruined."

Another guest at the hotel, John Howie, 52, said he and his wife also saw the man dangling from the balcony after hearing loud screams coming from outside. He explained that he had since spoken to a man from Newcastle who had actually walked in on the deadly incident on the fifth floor of the hotel. That man will reportedly be a key witness in the case.

According to Howie, the witness had entered the room after his mother-in-law heard loud banging coming from the room.

"He saw the guy hitting the other man with a safe door. He was told the man had passed away on the way to hospital."

"He had to go to the police station for a whole day as he is a key witness. He was pretty traumatized."

Howie added that the hotel didn't issue any kind of statement to the guests and everyone was in a panic over their own safety as they had no idea if the homicide suspect was the only one involved in the brutal incident. Naturally with the recent events in Tunisia, as reported on the Inquisitr, guests were terrified.
"We couldn't find our Thomson reps in the days after. No one knew what was going on."
However, apparently the tour operators, Thomson, have offered to pay for counselling and have sent Howie, and possibly other guests, a voucher for a future vacation.

Reportedly a spokesman for the hotel said the manager was not available for comment after the recent incident.

According to a Thomson spokeswoman, they are so busy dealing with the ramifications of the recent terror attacks at their Tunisia resort that they have been prevented them from investigating fully the incident with the homicide suspect and the brutal murder at the Globales Palma Nova Palace Hotel.

[Image: Beachfront hotels in Palmanova CC BY-SA 2.0 Roland Szilagyi]