Lil Wayne #FWA Release Party Planned For July 4

As the deadline for the #FWA by Lil Wayne approaches, fans will need to know where the album will be available for sale and where Lil Wayne will be hosting the release party.

While Lil Wayne has been quiet in other areas of social media, he did post a video of #FWA burning up with fire on June 30 on Instagram. Is this a sign that the #FWA A.K.A. the Free Weezy Album will be released on July 4 — as Lil Wayne promised?

Lil Wayne has been dropping hints about the #FWA since February, but has been kind enough to give fans a taste of what the #FWA will be like in the past months.

For instance, on June 29, Lil Wayne released a collaboration with Charlie Puth called “Nothing But Trouble” from the #FWA.

About Lil Wayne’s “Nothing But Trouble,” MTV writes that the song is about “all those Instagram famous models who can trip a guy up if he’s not careful.”

But where will Lil Wayne be when #FWA is finally released — and in what format will it be available for sale?

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there is strong evidence from Lil Wayne himself that was posted on Twitter on June 3 pointing toward the #FWA being released on his new business venture, Tidal. Regardless, this has not been officially confirmed by Lil Wayne.

But where will Lil Wayne hold the #FWA release party on July 4 — and is it a sure deal?

After all, Lil Wayne finished his tour in Tucson, Arizona on June 30, according to Lil Wayne HQ and Lil Wayne’s Twitter account. Despite this, Lil Wayne has had to cancel a show in late June, and the reason for the cancellation could be the beginning of more canceled club tour dates.

Vibe states that Lil Wayne canceled a show in Minneapolis, Minnesota on June 21 because Lil Wayne, “refused to go on stage when select entourage members were denied entry to the club for rejecting security searches from the club’s security.”

Nevertheless, Lil Wayne and his entourage were cleared to perform in Danville, Illinois on June 22 — the day after canceling the Minneapolis show.

If Lil Wayne’s entourage is able to work positively with security at his #FWA release party on July 4, the event will be held in Las Vegas.

Although it is not listed on popular resources like Lil Wayne fan websites, careful scouring of the internet reveals that Lil Wayne has booked a club date on the day he is going to release the #FWA.

On July 4, Lil Wayne will perform at the Life Nightclub in Las Vegas, according to SongKick. However, there are no clues about the plans for the #FWA release party posted on social media by Lil Wayne at this time.

Furthermore, the format for releasing the #FWA (Tidal, iTunes, SoundCloud, etc) will also be one of Lil Wayne’s surprises on July 4.

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