‘Big Brother 17’: Did Da’Vonne Rogers Blow Vanessa Rousso’s Cover? [Spoilers]

Big Brother 17 has two players from the world of poker. Da’Vonne Rogers is a freelance poker dealer. Vanessa Rousso is a professional poker player. Neither Da’Vonne nor Vanessa have told the houseguests the full truth about their occupations. Da’Vonne says she’s a primary school teacher. Vanessa says she’s a D.J. In Vanessa’s case, that’s not a total fabrication, as she does in fact D.J. in real life. It simply leaves out the small fact that she’s won $4.5 million playing poker.

According to Big Brother Network‘s summary of Monday’s live feeds, Da’Vonne knows about Vanessa’s poker career. She passed the information on to James and Meg. Since Da’Vonne likely doesn’t want to blow her own cover by revealing how she knows about Vanessa’s career, viewers might have to hope for a diary room session on the television program where Da’Vonne explains.

In the comments on the live feed summary, BBN blogger Matthew Boyer said Vanessa told Da’Vonne about her profession and Da’Vonne proceeded to spread the information.

Before Rousso entered the house, she told CBS’ Jeff Schroeder she knew the risk of being found out, and how she planned to handle that possibility.

“Having been a poker player, I played on TV. My first hurdle is going to be surviving week 1 hoping that no one recognizes me from television. I know that would be a good thing. I have a backup plan if that happens, what I’ll do. I’m going to try to sell the fact that I’m just a DJ at first. Should someone recognize me, it’s going to be some story like I used to be just a poker player but I transitioned into music, which is not far from the truth.”

Rousso also said that if someone recognizes her, she’ll be able to say she was not really lying, since in the past couple of years she has promoted her DJ’ing more than her poker playing.

At this point in the game, Vanessa’s rouse is not much of a threat. The house is preoccupied with Audrey’s aggressive game play. Inside the house, Vanessa has yet to make any big game moves. Last week, the live feeds showed her having an emotional moment, in part because she found it difficult to be away from her girlfriend. As the game has progressed, she’s lain lower than other players, but called out Audrey for spreading a rumor Vanessa had started an all-girls alliance.

Big Brother 17 airs Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday on CBS.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]