‘Big Brother 17’: Is Audrey Middleton Playing Too Hard Too Fast? [Spoilers]

Audrey Middleton made news before Big Brother 17 even got started. Julie Chen said she’d hoped viewers would watch the series’ first transgender contestant with compassion and “learn something about a community [they] may not be familiar with.”

A week into the television series, and 14 days into the game as of July 1st, and Audrey’s backstory is a non-issue to the houseguests. Her aggressive game play, however, has turned the house into disarray.

Big Brother Network reported Sunday that houseguests had caught on to Audrey’s quick rise to power in the house. She’s pitted houseguests against one another to deflect the attention from herself. At the same time, she’s played the role of puppet master, keeping control over everything that’s going on.

This is what viewers should expect from Audrey. She formed an alliance on day 1 with Da’Vonne and Shelli, when only half of the houseguests had entered the house. She came into the game intending to make bold moves, according to her official Big Brotherbio.

“I will not float. I will make bold moves and I will get blood on my hands. Heads will roll!”

She admires former winner Rachel Reilly, and wanted to play the game in a similar, although “less antagonizing” way.

But, as Big Brother Network blogger Matthew Boyer asked, “has she played too hard and too fast?”

Over the weekend, Jason Roy and Jeff Weldon became the first to start comparing notes about Audrey. Over the subsequent hours, it became Jeff’s mission to eliminate all of Audrey’s support. Very early Tuesday morning Jeff had even gotten to Audrey’s closest friends in the house, Clay and Shelli.

During the day Tuesday, all of the houseguests eventually confronted Audrey. She realized she may be in deep trouble.

According to the live feed recaps, it seems nothing will change about this Thursday’s eviction. Jace will be evicted. What happens next week is anyone’s guess, but Audrey has few allies, at least for the moment.

But, as Big Brother viewers know, things can change in a moment. It is still very early in the game. This season, producers have not only brought back the “Battle of the Block,” increasing the number of competitions that could affect the game, but also the “BB Takeover.” Players and viewers will not know week to week how the game will change.

And if Audrey is evicted next week, there’s no reason should could not come back into the game. In past seasons, the first few contestants eliminated have had the opportunity to compete for a way back in.

Big Brother 17 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays on CBS.

[Image CBS via Viral Celeb]