Kaitlyn Bristowe On J.J. Lane’s Confession: ‘I Felt A Bit Sick’

Kaitlyn Bristowe has taken heat as the Bachelorette. She’s been accused of kissing too many men and making a bad call by sleeping with Nick Viall shortly after he joined the season. But in her blog for People, Kaitlyn made it clear that despite her free-spirited image, commitment is very important to her.

Bristowe discussed her reaction to J.J. Lane’s admission that he had cheated on his wife, which resulted in the breakdown of his marriage. She was kind to Lane in person, but admits his history spoke to one of her greatest fears of being in a relationship.

“When he told me that he cheated on his wife, I felt a bit sick. That is my biggest fear in a relationship – that and falling out of love.”

J.J. was straightforward about the results of his infidelity.

“I lost everything. I lost my wife. I lost my daughter half the time. Everything I had worked hard for was gone with one bad, terrible decision.”

Although Kaitlyn immediately told him about her fears, she also said she did not think he would make the same mistake again. At the end of the date, however, she sent J.J. home.

In her blog, Bristowe said she still thought of J.J. as a good guy, and had not seen the guy that had been in the house. J.J. Lane became close friends with Clint Arlis, who had been sent home weeks earlier.

She admitted her initial attraction to J.J. had started to “fizzle” after the first night. J.J. has another shot at television love, however. Rumor has it he’s been cast as part of the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise.

As Kaitlyn’s journey to find love continues, an online poll conducted by a newspaper in her hometown, The Vancouver Sun, tried to determine why many people have not shown Bristowe support. Sun blogger Bev Wake weighed in with her own opinion.

“Personally, I can’t figure out what’s not to like.

“She makes for great TV. So much so, that’s she caused the producers to completely revamp the entire format of the season.”

The season is being “revamped” to allow Kaitlyn’s final suitors to have off-camera time with her before she meets their families. In years past, the final four suitors would introduce their families to the Bachelorette. One would be eliminated, and the final three would engage in private “fantasy suite” overnight dates away from the cameras.

This year, three men will have off-camera time with Kaitlyn, and two will introduce her to their families.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays on ABC.

[Left photo Craig Sjodin / ABC via People; Right photo via ABC]