Report: Chelsea Clinton Struggling at NBC

According to sources there are quite a few staffers at NBC who are less than thrilled with Chelsea Clinton. The former first child has supposedly been criticized for her lack of experience and her absence of news worthy ability.

NBC announced Clinton’s hiring as a special correspondent for “Rock Center” in November to much fanfare. Chelsea has a significant built in fanbase from her years in the White House and the popularity of her other family members. At the time of the announcement there were quite a few people who questioned her credentials and ability to deliver on screen.

NBC News chief Steve Capus strongly defended the decision, while the network said that she had been “warmly welcomed” into the news division.

BuzzFeed’s Michael Hastings has done an in depth profile of Chelsea Clinton and the staffers alleged lack of enthusiasm. He wrote that an NBC senior staffer told others at NBC that Chelsea would not be working out too well with the network because she was going to be terrible on television. The staffer had had multiple meetings with Clinton.

In a separate incident a different staffer told Hastings there was serious resentment against Chelsea. Inside sources said that Clinton’s interview with Brian Williams was pre-taped twice.

To date, Clinton has produced three “Making A Difference” segments for the network. From the time of her debut there were mixed reviews through out the internet. Reportedly she renewed her contract with NBC news in February.

One has to wonder whether the criticism of Chelsea Clinton is legitimate or the result of interoffice jealousy.