Madeline Stuart Doll Made In Her Honor

Madeline Stuart is being kept very busy these days.

After the Australian model with Down syndrome shared her inspiring story on Facebook, gaining a huge following on her social media pages, she has been inundated with modelling offers from brands not only in Australia, but from other parts of the world too.

As Boston Newstime reported, Madeline Stuart recently traveled to New York and Los Angeles and enjoyed the experience immensely. But more than the glamour that is associated with being a model, it is a change in the perspective towards beauty that drives Madeline and her mother above everything else. In an interview with Daily Mail Australia, Madeline’s mother Rosanne spoke of what the international attention has meant for her daughter.

“That’s not what it’s about for us, we want to change people’s perspectives on intellectual disability but what’s important is our daily routine and just being happy. We will only continue doing this as long as Maddy is happy doing this, it’s only what makes Maddy happy that’s important.”

For now, however, Madeline Stuart, or Maddy as she is lovingly called, is focusing on matters that are closer to her heart. Like being involved in a Dance Ensemble which launches in August 2015, a project by the Inside Outside Theatre Company, a group for which Madeline Stuart is also helping raise money.

A doll, called the Original Maddy Doll and made by Veronica McRae in honor of Madeline Stuart, went on sale recently on eBay. On her official Facebook page, Madeline wrote about the doll as if she was writing about a younger version of herself.

“Young Maddy is a 10 year old girl with Down Syndrome. She loves being at the Cubby House with all the other Kids that are waiting for adoption. She was created to help change societies view of people with Down Syndrome. Maddy loves dancing and cheer leading, swimming, bowling and playing cricket and basketball. Maddy has a long soak in a bubble bath. Her hair is then been washed, conditioned, detangled and restyled. Her factory paint is carefully removed and a new childlike face is hand painted with acrylic paint then sealed with a Matt Finish Sealer.”

The auction has been live for less than 24 hours, and already has received nine bids to a value of $46. Bidding for the one-of-a-kind handmade doll ends on July 10, 2015.

And since the New Zealand-based Take 5 magazine published an article about her, news publications have been hot on the heels of Madeline Stuart, wanting the young model to share her story with a wider audience. In a short interview she granted Love ’em, Madeline opened up about many facets of her life.

“I want to inspire young women and men to love their inner beauty and to realise with time that inner beauty and compassion is all that lasts and is what people really see us for.

I want to inspire business professionals to employ people with disabilities as they will bring something so deep and beautiful to the work environment.

I want to inspire families to have faith when they feel lost as everything can have a silver lining if you believe and never give up.”

Having already been sought by clothing brands such as Pinup Girl Clothing, Manifesta, Mint and Chopsticks, Tutuhot and Got Glam Cosmetics, Madeline Stuart cannot wait for the day when Gucci, Myer and Vanity Fair magazine come calling for her. With the way things are going for Madeline, that day does not seem to be far away.

[Photo: Instagram/eBay]