Owner Returns Home From Vacation To Find Dog Poisoned [Video]

Bree Smith of Carlsbad, California went on a three-day vacation. She never expected to return home on June 23 to find that someone had poisoned one of her beloved canine companions, an 8-year old rescued dachshund mix named Simon. The poor dog was lying in her garage, poisoned. Smith stated the following, according to Opposing Views.

"First thing I noticed was a green pile of dog poop--bright green. And then we saw Simon lying down in the garage. He wasn't moving at all."

She rushed Simon to the vet, but it was too late. The dog was having seizures and was unable to swallow. She was forced to euthanize her cherished dog. It was determined that someone probably fed the dog rat poison hidden in cheese. Smith is devastated, and fears she knows a motive, perhaps from a disgruntled neighbor who told her father-in-law while she was gone that he had to stop the dogs from barking. She indicated that if anyone had a problem with her dogs, they could have approached her. Smith emotionally, tearfully stated the following, according to ABC Channel 10 News.

"It was crushing to me. He [Simon] was having seizures and couldn't swallow....She [a neighbor] said, 'You need to get these dogs to stop barking.' It's just disturbing and unsettling that someone who lives near me likely did this. You didn't have to go to those lengths, you didn't have to kill him."
Smith indicated that her in-laws, who were watching her two dogs, let the dogs play in her side yard during the day. At night, the dogs were put in the garage.

Smith has since filed a police report and provided a likely motive. Anyone with information on this case is asked to call Carlsbad, California police.

What type of penalty should the individuals who poisoned a dog receive? Should it include jail time? Should such an individual ever be able to have any pets?

In another case of horrific abuse, two men killed pet dogs. Vigilante justice occurred in a Chinese village when villagers sought revenge after two men stole and killed their dogs for meat. The villagers beat the men for nine hours straight. Towns people caught the two men hauling away the dead dogs. They then beat the men bloody, tying the dead dogs' bodies around the men's necks. Even when the police arrived, the mob continued to beat the two men, according to an article in the Inquisitr.

[Photo and Video Courtesy YouTube]