Wheelchair Bank Robber: Man Wheels Into New York Bank, Escapes With Cash, And Is Still On The Lam

A man wheeled off the streets of New York in Queens on Monday, gliding his wheelchair right into a bank and up to a teller.

The man in the wheelchair made is intentions known, conducting a brief exchange with the likely surprised bank representative, then wheeled back out into the afternoon and disappeared with at least $1,200 dollars cash-money.

The unidentified man in the wheelchair, described as a younger man in his 20s, carried out his bank robbing heist at about 2 p.m., his bank robbing target being a Santander Bank branch in Long Island City, reports the New York Post.

The man in the wheel chair used fairly standard bank-robbing protocol during the incident, handing the bank teller a note instructing them to hand over some loot, or else. Though the bank-robbing man in the wheelchair threatened the teller that he had a gun, the wheelchair bandit never actually proved he was packing heat, said authorities.

Regardless, the bank teller gave the man in the wheelchair approximately $1,200 and he proceeded to wheel right out of the bank and head west on Broadway.

The man in the wheelchair's escape was captured on one of the bank's neighboring business's security cameras, but that hasn't helped to catch the bank robbing man in the wheelchair so far, as the wheeling robber is still on the lam.

Nevertheless, though you have to watch closely, sure enough the man in the wheelchair can be seen making his escape, and judging by his speed it's not surprising the cops didn't arrive in time to catch him.

In fact, not even scrambled NYPD helicopters could track down the bank robbing man in the wheelchair.

Including an exploding dye-pack with any money handed over, such as the one that exploded on the Florida bank robber pictured below, is a trick that can be played on bank robbers and is popular among bank tellers, but apparently wasn't put into action in the case of the bank-robbing man in the wheel chair.

bank robber, dye pack
This bank robber had a dye-pack explode on him after robbing a bank, a gag that apparently wasn't able to be used on the bank robbing man in the wheelchair.

Santander bank representatives, meanwhile, were just glad the man in the wheelchair didn't hurt anybody during his bank robbing heist.

"We are grateful that no customers or any of our colleagues were injured. We are not commenting any further at this time due to an ongoing investigation."
While the bank robbing man in the wheelchair remains at large, security at New York banks will likely be on the lookout for the wheelchair bandit.

[Image via DNA India and CBS Tampa]