WWE News: ‘Monday Night Raw’ Close To Record-Low Ratings For June 29 Edition?

Since Raw 1000,WWE Raw hasn’t held the greatest ratings on a consistent basis. Looking at the ratings, they usually score around 3.7 million viewers. Those aren’t bad, but while they garnered a rating of 2.7 last week, this week wasn’t the best showcase of WWE’s pull from television. In one report, ProWrestling claimed that WWE Raw bombed.

That’s one way to react to the poor rating Monday Night Raw received on the June 29 edition. There are more constructive ways to elaborate on their rating. For example, WWE’s flagship show increased in viewers as the show went on for the second-consecutive week.

Even though the ratings are in the 2.0 range, that’s still a good thing. The news though is unfortunate for the WWE, as the audience numbers are dropping. They aren’t as bad as TNA, but it’s not at the original benchmark WWE programming set for itself in the late-90’s and early-2000’s.

According to Cageside Seats,WWE Raw nearly hit a record-low last night; a number WWE Raw hasn’t seen since 1997.

“Raw averaged just 3.46 million viewers for all three hours, down from 3.67 million the week before and a steep drop from the 4.11 million who tuned in the week before that.

At least the show gained viewers through all three hours for the second straight week:

Hour one: 3.36 million
Hour two: 3.48 million
Hour three: 3.54 million

Remember, this is during the Summer when the NFL, NHL, and NBA are all in their respective offseasons. Monday Night Football is taking a break. The NHL and NBA playoffs just ended. As far as competition goes for WWE Raw, baseball is the only sporting event that garners millions of viewers. Last night on Monday Night Raw, the wrestling was superb.

What easily stole the show was the match between John Cena and Cesaro. WWE fans are considering it to be a “Match of the Year” contender. Originally, that match wasn’t supposed to take place. John Cena came out for the U.S. Open Challenge and Kevin Owens immediately followed him out.

Before the match started, Owens got out and said he was going to wait until WWE Battleground to take Cena’s U.S. championship from him. Therefore, Owens brought out Cesaro to face the 15-time WWE champion. The match had drama, emotion, back-and-forth action and above all else, logic. Cesaro is a world-class wrestler, while Cena can wrestle with anyone in the company.

There were dull moments on WWE Raw, but not enough to turn it off completely. Will this merit a full-scale change for next week’s WWE Raw? Vince McMahon isn’t known to panic often. The company is still bringing in millions of dollars. Perhaps a WWE NXT superstar will debut next week. That alone will drive ratings through the roof.

[Image via flickeringmyth.com]