Amber Heard Doesn’t Want To Be Defined By Her Sexuality

Amber Heard

Amber Heard doesn’t want to be defined by the fact that she’s bisexual. That’s right, before she married Johnny Depp, she was in a relationship with photographer Tasya van Ree, and was very open about her fluid sexuality, but these days she’s just hoping that fact won’t be the only thing people know about her.

During an interview for the film Magic Mike XXL, Heard sat down with the Times to discuss the comedy. When discussion turned to her character she said, “It’s a film about men seeking sexual attention. My character’s function has nothing to do with her sexuality.”

That said, Magic Mike XXL has a special tie in for the actress. “I don’t want to have to deny my sexuality in order to be me. But I don’t want to have to be defined by it. I’m fundamentally opposed to trying to edit myself to be palatable or popular. I don’t give a f–k. I fight, but I shouldn’t have to.”

This isn’t the first time she has sounded off on her thoughts. Just a few weeks ago she spoke to Elle about the kind of public perception she has had to endure while being thrust into the spotlight due to her relationship with Depp.

“The thing that really scares me is the potential of losing my freedom. I never want for my life to lose the ability to transverse the world, with freedom and ease—the freedom and ease I have worked so hard to acquire for myself.”

At the time Heard said she didn’t want to be known for being Johnny Depp’s arm candy, but instead for her work. “I feel like I’m constantly fighting against my exterior, or this exterior presentation of myself because of how I look or perhaps because of who I’m with.”

Even when it comes to work, it isn’t easy for the blonde, who is used to playing the girlfriend or the sidekick.

“I get a stack of scripts, like, once a month, and most of the time, you find these placeholder girls that are there to provide a bounce for the male character. So we know he’s funny because she’s serious and she’s mad at him. We know he’s strong because she needs saving. So really her job is to validate this personality trait of our hero or male.”

In the movie Magic Mike XXL Amber plays an elusive photographer that Mike sets his sights on.

[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images]