Donald Trump Regrets Some of His Remarks About Illegal Immigration, Says Mexico Is ‘Killing US On Trade’

Donald Trump just ate his words…sort of. The billionaire and host of Celebrity Apprentice, who rose to fame along with his catchphrase “You’re fired!” recently drew some criticism for his comments about illegal immigrants. In the speech during which he announced his bid to run for President, Trump referred to illegal immigrants from Mexico as rapists who brought nothing but drugs and crime into the U.S.

Trump then tried in vain to redeem himself by adding his belief that “some [Mexican immigrants], I assume, are good people,” but the damage had already been done. The Donald later recanted his remarks in a tweet (sort of), letting the world know his problem wasn’t with Mexico’s people, but Mexico as a country.

Ouch. Among other greatly exaggerated promises, Trump also promised he would build a huge wall to keep illegal immigrants out of the U.S. and force Mexico to foot the bill. So, what are the consequences to making remarks perceived as racist in 2015? CNN discovered through pageant director Lupita Jones that Mexico will be pulling out of the Miss Universe pageant thanks to Trump’s comments. Additionally, the Inquisitr reports that Trump has been let go from NBC. Not everyone is mad though; some are attacking NBC’s decision as censoring Trump’s opinions and argue he has the right to air them even if they’re considered offensive.

Despite all this controversy, Trump hasn’t resigned from the race. In fact, his position might even be strengthened by the incident, considering all the love and support he’s being shown from the Twittersphere. Miss Universe Pageant Director Lupita Jones discussed with Fox News Latino at great length her reasons for pulling Mexico out of the pageant, and now two co-hosts of the Miss Universe pageant have resigned as well.

“Miss Universe is a contest with a great history in the world, which has been characterized by convening countries to participate in an event where friendship and unity is prominent, breaking down cultural barriers.”

Jones continued with her line of reasoning, going on to call it a “shame” that the idea of friendliness between various nations has been lost due to Mr. Trump’s comments. Is NBC cutting Trump from their programs an unfair form of censorship, or is the network in the right for using its discretion about the people and ideas they associate with?

[Image Credit: USA Headline News]