Two On The Road Posters Drop Two Days Before Cannes Film Festival Line-Up Announcement

Yesterday it was Kirsten Dunst’s turn, today it’s Sam Riley’s. Confused? Don’t be. We’re talking about the continued roll-out of “character” posters for the film On The Road, the forthcoming big screen adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s classic novel of the same name.

With its impressive cast playing roles beloved to Kerouac devotees and generations of readers, publicity for the film has racked up a stunning trailer, images of the cast on and off set, and close-ups of each character. First up was a poster for Viggo Mortensen who plays Old Bull Lee, aka William Burroughs. Then came posters for Elisabeth Moss, Amy Adams, Tom Sturridge and Alice Braga.

Part of the draw of On The Road, both the book and the film, is that its characters are based on real people. Kirsten Dunst’s character “Camille” is based on the real life Carolyn Robinson Cassady, writer in her own right and wife of Neal Cassady, before they divorced. Her own story – one constantly exploring art, drama, words and the human condition – could fill a whole film in itself.

Today, British actor Sam Riley who plays Sal Paradise (aka Jack Kerouac) is the focus. We’ve yet to see roll-outs for Kristen Stewart, who plays Mary-Lou and whose character is based on LouAnne Henderson. Then there’s Garrett Hedlund, who plays Dean Moriarty and is based on Neal Cassady.

Posters for Kirsten Dunst and Sam Riley:

Sam Riley is Sal Paradise

There are now two days left until the announcement of the official line-up for the Cannes Film festival, many insiders have predicted On the Road will be part of that line-up. With the breakdown of the film’s characters almost complete, the timing really couldn’t be better.