Bobbi: Family Gather At Hospice Facility, Police Called In For Bobbi Kristina’s Protection

Bobbi family gather

Bobbi has had family members gather at her bedside for the past few days since she was entered into a hospice facility, but something interesting occurred recently. According to Extra, police were called to the Peachtree Christian Hospice facility some time after Bobbi arrived, and were seen talking with staff members and walking the grounds.

The Duluth Police Department has not commented on why they were there, but it has been confirmed that they were there for Bobbi Kristina’s protection.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Browns and the Houstons have been getting along, supporting each other, and really focusing on Bobbi Kristina right now. All of the back and forth, he said/she said seems to be out the window. While some thought that police showed up at the facility because of some kind of disagreement, that probably was not the case given the photos that have surfaced of the two families coming together. It is undoubtedly a difficult time for all.

Bobbi had family gather around her all weekend, and many were seen crying together and embracing one another outside Peachtree.

There is speculation that Bobbi’s family is worried that her boyfriend, Nick Gordon may come into town. He has been banned from visiting the 22-year-old and is facing a lot of legal issues. He has respected the family’s wishes thus far, however, and has stayed away.

The paparazzi, of course, is clearly an issue, as photogs have been camped out since Bobbi’s arrival, taking pictures of visitors.

It sounds like the police were called for a number of reasons. According to The Hollywood Gossip, the police presence was pretty serious; there were seven police cars spotted on the premises. Peachtree confirmed that police were there for issues regarding Bobbi Kristina.

“A spokesperson for Peachtree admits that the disturbance had to do with the Brown and Houston families, but says that the cops were on hand to ‘control traffic’ that accumulated as a result of the paparazzi and various media outlets that had assembled to snap photos of Bobbi Kristina’s relatives.”

As Bobbi Kristina’s family members continue to gather, the public is left waiting for the news that she has passed away. While there could be a miracle in the coming days, Bobbi has been taken off life support. She is being kept comfortable and is surrounded by people who love her.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images]