Paris Hilton Prank: Heiress To Sue Everyone Involved In Fake Plane Crash

Former reality star Paris Hilton was under severe distress when a film crew staged a terrifying prank. As the Inquisitr reported, Egyptian star Ramez Galal got a film crew together for his show Ramez In Control to play the biggest prank yet.

Hilton was put through a horrifying situation when the crew staged a plane crash without telling Paris. In the video, you can see that Paris clearly thinks she's about to die in a horrific plane crash. In the video, the former reality star turned DJ is seen screaming and crying, and saying, "Where's the pilot? I don't want to jump. I'm not jumping." So how did Hilton get on the plane in the first place? Well, she was convinced to step aboard a stuntman piloted plane for a sight seeing trip over Dubai. That's when the plane took a huge nosedive and hysteria ensued.

When it was revealed to Hilton that it was all a joke, the heiress laughed it off, and said, "This is definitely crazier than anything I've ever seen." That said, now sources are saying that the Simple Life star is furious about the stunt.

As it turns out, she might be suing everyone involved in the plane crash prank. Hilton took to Twitter tweeting that the prank was, "the scariest moment of my life." And apparently, she wasn't joking. According to Perez Hilton, she was so traumatized by the stunt that she may no longer be able to fly and might sue for emotional distress. It's believed that she's not just suing Ramez Galal. In fact, she hopes to find out every single person who was involved in the prank and sue them for damages.

Cathy Hilton, Paris' mother, told Entertainment Tonight about the prank, "No one loves a prank more than me, I don't find cruel pranks entertaining at all."

Gala has tried this prank on three other people, but has never been threatened by anyone in the legal sense. In the past, his show has been threatened with cancellation.

What do you think of the prank? Did the television show go too far or is Hilton overreacting? Furthermore, do you think Hilton will win in court?

[Image via Screencap]