Brothel Owner Wants Secret Service To “Buy American”

One of the most famous brothel owners in America is furious that the Secret Service is finding itself in the middle of a scandal. Dennis Hof, owner of the Moonlight Bunny Ranch says there is no reason why the Secret Service should be in the market for Colombian prostitutes. Hof says they should be buying American!

Hof says of the agents in the middle of the scandal,

“It’s a national security risk. These guys were f***ing morons,” Hof told The Huffington Post. “There’s an old saying, ‘loose lips sink ships,’ and these agents are supposed to be trained to keep secrets, but if you’re dumb enough to argue with a hooker over a $47 bill, you’re dumb enough to leave the plans where the president is going to be by the bedside.”

The ABC News report that outed the agents said that the agents bragged to the prostitutes that they work for Obama and Protected him.

Hof added,

“If these guys had come to the Bunny Ranch and satisfied their needs before the trip, none of this would have happened,”

Hof says he will let Secret Service Agents visit the Bunny Ranch for free before overseas trips. He also wants the government to fund a contingent of prostitutes to accompany government officials.

“We’re contacting Sen. Harry Reid. We supported him for 40 years until he decided to ban brothels, but he is our representative and we would be offering this free of charge to support our country and our president.”

It will be interesting to see if Dennis Hof’s proposal will gain any traction.