Britney Spears All Smiles After Split As Charlie Ebersol Shares Strange Instagram Video

Britney Spears has been looking much happier lately since her split from Charlie Ebersol, according to several media sites. The pop princess has been spending some quality time with her sons, Sean Preston and Jayden.

Spears, 33, is not letting her split from Charlie Ebersol, 32, get to her. The “Pretty Girls” singer smiled widely as she enjoyed dinner with Jayden, 8, on Friday, June 26, according to a previous report on US Weekly.

Spears captioned the sweet photo: “Malibu melts my heart.” The singer is spending some time with her sons as she takes a break from her Britney Spears: Piece Of Me show.


It was also Us Weekly that first broke the news of Britney Spears and Charlie Ebersol’s split. The couple broke off their relationship after eight months of dating. An insider told the tabloid that Ebersol felt “he was in it for the wrong reasons.”

After the news of the split, Spears also removed photos of Ebersol from her Instagram account. She also shared a cryptic photo that sais, “Make today so awesome that yesterday gets jealous.”

Ebersol hasn’t been dealing well with the breakup. On Monday, June 29, he took to Instagram to share an emotional video of himself playing with his dog as Randy Newman’s “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” played in the background. Ebersol also shared his philosophical thoughts about relationships and breakups.

A source told People magazine that their split didn’t come as a surprise, not even to Spears or Ebersol. An inside source told the magazine that the two are still good friends despite their sudden breakup.

A source close to the Ebersol family said, “It was obvious to everyone that it was going to happen. They’re still friends.”

Reports also claimed that Ebersol was planning to pop the question to Spears. Earlier in their relationship, “everyone thought he might end up asking her to marry him. It just faded away, and they moved apart.” Another source also revealed the reason behind Spears and Ebersol’s breakup.

“Relationships are hard. Sometimes they don’t work out. These are two very busy people leading two very busy lives. They’re focusing on other priorities right now.”

Despite having busy schedules, Spears still wanted to have more children. Another inside source claims that Spears’ breakup have halted her plans to have another kid.

“Everyone has told her that she does not need a man to have another child, but she thinks she does. Kevin is there for those boys and he is their dad. Britney’s father is also like another dad to her boys. He has always been granddad and dad to them and those kids do not need another father figure in their life.”

Spears and Ebersol were obviously in love and almost got engaged, so what happened? The pop star’s father got in the way of their relationship, according to a report on the Hollywood Life.

“Britney, of course, talked to Jamie about it. She runs everything by him and values his opinion. Jamie didn’t like the idea and convinced her not to go forward.”

Another source told Radar Online that Britney’s had enough of her father running her relationships.

“Britney said that this is for sure the last time she will ever let her father have a say in who she dates! She will never get set up by him again. Her dad controls every aspect of her life and she needs to meet men on her own.”

Britney Spears and Charlie Ebersol are reported to have split after their talks about marriage and children.

[Image: Diane Freed / Liaison Agency]