Blind Luck: Man Forgets Glasses, Buys $30,000 Winning Lottery Ticket By Accident

Winning lottery ticket

According to Connecticut lottery officials and thanks to his poor vision, a Connecticut man has accidentally won $30,000 with a winning lottery ticket.

It turns out Bob Sabo of Easton left his glasses at home that day, but didn’t want to wait in the customer service line to buy lottery tickets at the Super Stop & Shop in Fairfield.

According to Fox6, Sabo suddenly made up his mind to do something he had never attempted before. He decided to buy lottery tickets from a nearby instant ticket vending machine instead, something he would never normally do, especially without his glasses.

It turns out Sabo had the winning lottery ticket due to his spur of the moment decision, winning the top prize of $30,000.

Sabo told lottery officials that instead of buying the two $20 tickets he intended to get, because he didn’t have his glasses on, he bought the winning lottery ticket completely by accident. It was a $30 ticket instead, to be exact, a 30XCash scratch card.

“Instead, I bought a ’30X Cash’ ticket for $30 by mistake, which left me with $10 to buy another ticket. When I got home and scratched the 30X ticket, I couldn’t believe it. I won $30,000.

Winning the way I did was a very freaky thing.”

According to a press release from the CT Lottery, the Super Stop & Shop, located at 760 Villa Avenue in Fairfield, has also gained from Sabo’s accidental luck with the winning lottery ticket, as they will receive a $300 check for selling the winning ticket to him in the first place.

It is amazing to think that if Sabo had remembered his glasses, this would probably have never happened and he would not have purchased the winning lottery ticket, worth $30,000.

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[Image: Screengrab from Fox6 video]