‘The Little Couple’ Finale Teasers, Renewal Buzz: What Can Fans Expect As The Season Finale Looms?

The season finale of The Little Couple airs Tuesday night on Lifetime. Dr. Jennifer Arnold, Bill Klein, Will, and Zoey are adored by their fans, who are lamenting the fact that the latest season is over already. What can viewers expect in this season finale? What word is there on another season coming in the months ahead?

According to TV Guide, this June 30 Little Couple episode is listed as a season finale, not a series finale. Jen and Bill will be doing a question and answer episode, revealing tidbits related to questions from fans via social media. These types of episodes are always fun ones for viewers, as they love hearing new bits of behind-the-scenes information from the couple.

This current season flew by way too quickly for fans, in large part because TLC has been airing hour-long episodes each week for a shorter period of time, compared to many previous seasons where fans had 30-minute episodes stretched out over a longer period of time. The current season, as is the case with many shows these days, was also broken into what essentially became two mini seasons, so this last spurt of episodes did fly by quickly.

Fans have had the chance to watch Bill recover from his back surgery, and check out Will and Zoey immersing themselves in some fun kid’s activities. Jen remains cancer-free, and the family seems to be in a place where they can really embrace a regular life at last.

Viewers are very anxious to know if the show will continue after this season finale. TLC tends to keep renewal information under wraps with many of its shows, and that certainly seems to be the case in this instance. While the network has announced renewals of some shows, as Zap2It has noted, there hasn’t been anything revealed yet regarding a Little Couple renewal or cancellation.

Given all of the drama surrounding TLC lately with the 19 Kids and Counting scandal, and the likelihood that the Duggar family won’t be coming back with new episodes, most would imagine that a Little Couple renewal is likely. The show has been a big hit for the network, and if ever there was a time that TLC needed a solid hit, it would be now.

However, fans wonder whether Jen and Bill may be ready to take a break from filming reality TV. Viewers would certainly understand if Arnold, Klein, and the kids felt as if it was time to pull away from television. For now, it seems, Little Couple fans will have to hang on and stay tuned for news. Many would guess that the show will be back, but perhaps for shorter seasons going forward, again, much like this current season has been structured.

Luckily, Jen is typically great about keeping fans updated, so one way or another more, news should come out soon if the network doesn’t share any news with this season finale. There’s no question that fans want to see The Little Couple back for more episodes, and it seems it’s likely up to Dr. Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein to decide if they want to keep showcasing their lives with Will and Zoey on-camera.

[Image via TLC]