Angry Teen Pours Boiling Hot Water On Naked Boyfriend After Finding Text Messages From Another Woman

After finding text messages from another woman in her boyfriend’s phone, a teen became so irate that she grabbed a pot from the stove with boiling hot water in it and poured it on her naked boyfriend, according to Mirror.

On February 16, 19-year-old Magan Farquhar and her boyfriend Adam Stafford were enjoying a night out when she discovered a video of him dancing with another woman. After confronting her boyfriend, they decided to go back to the Z Hotel on North John Street in Liverpool, England where the argument escalated.

Back at the hotel, Stafford disrobed and laid on the hotel bed. Farquhar continued to argue with him, but suddenly stopped after her boyfriend’s phone went off. She quickly grabbed his phone and saw text messages from another woman.

Not only did Farquhar discover that her boyfriend was dancing with other woman in clubs, but she also uncovered that he was text messaging them as well. She became so irate that she grabbed the first thing that was next to her, which was the pot of boiling hot water, and threw it on her boyfriend’s naked body.

Police were called to scene and he was rushed to Royal Liverpool Hospital, but had to be transferred to Whiston Hospital to see a specialist. Stafford was told that he sustained “1% scald to his abdomen.”

“I cannot remember exactly what happened next apart from feeling excruciating pain in my stomach area, just above my groin. The pain I felt was like no other pain I had ever experienced,” Stafford told the police.

Farquhar told police officials that her boyfriend caused her a lot of pain and wanted to do the same to him, which is why she through boiling hot water on him.

“She says she was so upset and angry she grabbed the kettle as the closest thing to her and splashed it over Mr. Stafford,” Prosecutor Charles Lander said.

Jeremy Rawson, who is a defense attorney, said: “It’s unfortunate that this is an offence that arises from a toxic mix of alcohol and perceived infidelity.”

“The background is a relationship that has been stormy where each has suffered harm at the hands of the other.”

“Had it not been for her stormy relationship with the complainant she would be a woman of no previous convictions.”

After throwing boiling hot water on her boyfriend, Judge Andrew Hatton sentenced her to 10 months in jail, claiming that the “attack was aggravated.” There was also a restraining order filed that prevents the teen from seeing her boyfriend upon her release.

[Image courtesy of Andreas Rentz / Getty Images]