NBA Rumors: LA Lakers To Sign DeAndre Jordan If Kobe Bryant Has His Way

NBA rumors have the LA Lakers attempting to sign DeAndre Jordan. Kobe Bryant is also recruiting Jordan, letting the All-Star center know how much they would like him to remain in Los Angeles. A report from CBS Sports on Tuesday (June 30) reiterates that the Lakers aren’t the only team pursuing Jordan in free agency. He is also expected to meet with the New York Knicks, Dallas Mavericks, and Los Angeles Clippers this week. It means this could actually come down to a bidding war in the end.

As the NBA free agency period quickly approaches, it is clear that the LA Lakers and New York Knicks have the most money to spend. What the Knicks have to offer is a guarantee that he would be the second option on offense, something that CBS Sports reported on Monday (June 29). That’s something the Clippers never offered him, as he often had to defer on offense to Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. If Jordan wants to be known as more than just a good defender and rebounder, that might be his opportunity to do so.

With the Lakers, Jordan could join a team that has a good young core of Julius Randle and De’Angelo Russell for the next few NBA seasons. Both were high selections in the NBA Draft and could have All-Star talent. Adding Kobe Bryant and a few additional free agent role players to that mix might just get the LA Lakers back to the NBA Playoffs. That could be an interesting situation for Jordan, as when Bryant decides to retire, he might become the veteran leader of the team.

DeAndre Jordan is already a star for the Los Angeles Clippers, but as previously reported by the Inquisitr, there was a perceived feud going on between the All-Star center and point guard Chris Paul. If Jordan indeed wants to leave the Clippers, then he definitely has some interesting options getting placed in front of him. Signing with the Lakers or Knicks could get him to the NBA title he desires, but it might take a season or two for those franchises to become relevant again. The easy option would be to remain with the Clippers, but he may also have to take a hit financially to do so.

While there are certainly a lot of NBA rumors about what DeAndre Jordan might or could do in free agency, one thing missing from these stories is how much teams are willing to pay him. If the Lakers, Knicks, or Boston Celtics were to offer him a max contract, his days with the Clippers are likely over.

[Image Source: Stephen Dunn / Getty Images]