Chris Christie Announces 2016 Presidential Bid, Fat Shaming Ensues Across Twitter

Niki Cruz

Chris Christie announced his presidential bid for 2016.

If you opened your smart phone, tablet, or computer you'll see a headline similar to that. It's a headline that's not unlike other candidates in the Republican party that have decided to announce their GOP candidacy.

While Donald Trump and Ted Cruz went through the ringer with various reactions from potential voters, Governor Chris Christie has already seen something far worse following the hours since he announced his candidacy -- fat shaming.

Across social media the Governor of New Jersey has experienced many jokes about his overweight appearance, and most are tying it to whether or not he has enough merit to run for President of the Unites States.

What sets Chris Christie from Ted Cruz and Rand Paul is that he's been gearing up to announce his presidency since he became a complete rockstar after handling Hurricane Sandy. Simply put -- he's accessible. Not only did he become a visible face, but he became somewhat of a national celebrity, while working the talk show circuit following Hurricane Sandy. That said, he's also had many public outbursts with critics, which gives voters enough material to play with. So much in fact that North decided to compile a list of outbursts from the Presidential hopeful.

Refreshingly, he has turned out to be someone that can take a joke about his appearance, and even cracked jokes about his own weight. That said, are these reactions going too far? You decide.

— Erin Gloria Ryan (@morninggloria) June 30, 2015

— Greg Krieg (@GregJKrieg) June 30, 2015

— Guy Endore-Kaiser (@GuyEndoreKaiser) June 30, 2015

— Cliff Dressler (@CliffDressler) June 30, 2015

— Curt-Curt (@SelectiveSavage) June 30, 2015

— Ken McGraw Jr. (@KenMcGrawJr) June 30, 2015

— Jim Thomas (@jt350) June 30, 2015

— Mel Rook (@Mel_Rook) June 30, 2015

— John Danneskjold (@JohnDanneskjold) June 30, 2015

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