WWE News: Cesaro Censored During ‘RAW’ Match With John Cena

Last night’s United States Championship match between John Cena and Cesaro was, by far, everyone’s favorite part of RAW. But, it could have been so much better than it already was if the WWE wouldn’t have censored one of Cesaro’s hand-gestures to John Cena after a series of European uppercuts.

At one point in the match, Cesaro nailed Cena with several European uppercuts, which dropped Cena to his knees, and, while Cena was on his knees, Cesaro gave Cena the finger — kind of.

The first time you see the unedited clip, it looks like Cesaro was doing his best “Stone Cold” Steve Austin impersonation, and was flipping John Cena off. However, that’s not the case at all, as Cesaro was flashing his ring finger to Cena, which is something that he and Tyson Kidd had done as part of their “Brass Ring Club” gimmick. You can check out the unedited clip of Cesaro flashing his ring finger at Cena below.


After last night’s U.S. Title match, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer echoed what many WWE fans have been saying for several years now, which is that Cesaro deserves a better spot on the roster than he has currently, and that he has main-event level talent. But, for whatever reason, it seems that WWE is hesitant to put him in that spot.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin has also been critical of WWE’s use of Cesaro, and, on a recent episode of the Steve Austin Show, Austin seemed baffled that Vince McMahon believes that Cesaro hasn’t been able to connect with the WWE audience.

With Tyson Kidd being out-of-action due to injury for at least the next year, Cesaro could be primed for a singles push. In fact, he may be a future challenger for the United States Championship if Kevin Owens defeats John Cena at WWE Battleground.

It’s extremely unlikely that Cesaro will get any kind of heat backstage for his “Brass Ring Club” gesture, as it was probably a precautionary move by the censors, and they probably were quick on the trigger because of what Randy Orton did several months ago, when he gave Seth Rollins the double middle fingers, which — for a second — got past the censors.

[Image via WWE]