Pippa Middleton Paris: Party With Dwarfs And Strippers After Gun Prank

Pippa Middleton made an appearance at a crazy party in Paris, consisting of strippers and dwarfs, with a couple of her friends after pulling her toy gun prank, The Sun reports.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s younger sister went all out at the grotesque costume party located inside of a city theater. Those in attendance to the party adorned kinky masks and bondage suits. A female fire eater’s performance consisted of sparks flying from a power tool and more. The party, which took place Saturday, was a 30th birthday celebration for aristocrat and fashion leader Arthur de Soultrait.

The photo depicts her riding as a passenger in a convertible Audi and laughing while the operator of the car was undoubtedly pointing what was thought to be a semi-automatic pistol at a photographer standing behind the car. Police studied the photographs after getting a formal complaint regarding the incident. The incident occurred while Middleton was being driven to the city’s Gare du Nord station to board a Eurostar train to London.

On Monday, Pippa’s car was seen parked in front of her parents $2.4 million dollar house in Bucklebury, located in the southern part of England. A staff member answered the door and would not release any information on the whereabouts of the family. A police car was spotted heading towards the house some time later.

They were unable to identify the operator of the vehicle based on the photographs. De Soultrait, the back passenger in the suspect vehicle, who was with his brother, stated he was “mortified” by the incident.

France has been placed in a state of heightened security after a chain of handgun murders, including the massacre in Toulouse. Unlike Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law which allows an individual to shoot an aggressor in self-defense, French authorities promptly stated that it was “absolutely forbidden” to use a gun in self-defense.

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