German Shepherd Killed By Lighting Strike, Saved Owner’s Life By Taking Hit

A brave German Shepherd was killed by a lighting strike in Colorado, likely saving his owner’s life by taking on the powerful hit that ended his life.

Rambo the German Shepherd and his owner, 27-year-old Jonathan Hardman, were enjoying a day of hiking — at Mount Bierstadt in Pike National Forest, Colorado — with three of the man’s friends and another dog. Then, suddenly, there was a rumble of lightning that hit the group, and the loyal companion saved his master’s life by taking the full force of Mother Nature.

(Image via Jonathan Tyler Hardman/Facebook)

The group had just started their descent after reaching the 14,000-foot summit, when the lightning bolt hit the German Shepherd, Rambo, and Hardman, according to 9News. The man and his companions were knocked to the ground and when he looked for his loyal friend, he found his “lifeless” body.

The Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Office said eight adults were transported from the mountain, and that three adults were taken to Denver-area hospitals. One of them was in serious condition, while two others had non-life threatening injuries. In all, 13 people were hit by lightning, the sheriff’s office said.

Doctors confirm Hardman’s thoughts that Rambo, the German Shepherd, saved his life in the lighting strike and if not for him, he would have suffered even more serious injuries. Hardman suffered bruises and was left with marks on his body because of the strength of the lightning hit.

The distraught man took to his Facebook page on Sunday to talk about what happened at Mount Bierstadt.

“As some of you already know, I was hit by lightning today when I was hiking Mt. Bierstadt with my dog. I survived but my wonderful dog Rambo took the lightning bolt with me and he died. Here is our last picture together. It’s because of him I’m still alive. I’ll miss you so much Rambo — at Mount Bierstadt.”

German Shepherd Rambo
(Image via Jonathan Tyler Hardman/Facebook)

“The storm came through really fast,” hiker Pete Hunter told 9News. “Didn’t really see the clouds building as we’d expect in the distance. It was kind of like they built right on the summit.”

Hardman also shared photos of the injuries he suffered after the lightning bolt hit Mount Bierstadt as he was hiking with his barely one-year-old German Shepherd.

Harmond told the New York Daily News he is more forgetful and is moving slower than usual after the incident that almost claimed his life. Harmond called the German Shepherd “my best friend” in another post on the same day. His grandmother is grateful to Rambo for saving her grandson’s life.

[Image via Facebook]