Karl Wlaschek, 94-Year-Old Billionaire, To Marry For Fifth Time

It’s never too late to fall in love. Karl Wlaschek, a 94-year-old billionaire from Australia, has finally found the fifth love of his life. Klaschek just announced that he is set to make his girlfriend Rikki Schenk his fifth wife.

According to the Vienna Times, the billionaire supermarket and property tycoon will wed his new bride in the next few days. Wlaschek, who already has four kids from his previous marriages, joked to reporters that he plans to start having children immediately. Wlaschek said:

“I would say another five or six children, at the very least.”

Schenk didn’t reveal her age but did say that the idea of children was a little ridiculous. Schenk said: “After all, I am not so young any more.”

Forbes reports that Wlaschek is the fifth oldest billionaire in the world. He founded the retail chain Billa, which sold for close to $1 billion in 1996. Wlaschek used that money to invest in prime Austrian real estate and is now worth approximately $4.7 billion.

Wlaschek isn’t the first billionaire to have a fifth wife. Ron Perelman, who is nearly 30-years younger than Wlaschek, has already married his fifth wife. Billionaires Larry Ellison, T. Boone Pickens, and Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal have all been married four times.