Andi Dorfman On Chris’ Elimination: ‘I HAVE To Know If Cupcake Is Okay’

Andi Dorfman has been watching this current season of The Bachelorette and maybe she is reminiscing about her time on the show. Of course, her season is quite similar, as Nick Viall was also a frontrunner on Andi’s season. Plus, Dorfman also slept with Viall during her Fantasy Suite date, so she hasn’t had too many positive things to say about him.

However, it sounds like Andi Dorfman was concerned about Chris Strandburg, who was dumped near a cliff on last night’s episode. Before he even had a chance to show Kaitlyn Bristowe who he was, she sent him packing. And it only took a few minutes for him to completely break down in what was labeled “man tears” by the Bachelor nation and viewers.

According to a new tweet, Andi Dorfman wants to know if Chris is alright after being dumped by Kaitlyn on his first one-on-one date with her. The producers tend to cut off the scenes without explaining what happens, so many were joking that Chris would have no way of getting off the cliff. But Dorfman wanted to know that Chris “Cupcake” Strandburg was alright.

“Can’t sleep.. I HAVE to know if Cupcake is okay (really just need free dental work) #TheBachelorette,” Andi Dorfman revealed on Twitter after the show came to an end yesterday, leaving Chris Strandburg on a cliff with a broken heart.

However, it sounds like he was doing quite alright. Maybe Andi Dorfman doesn’t follow him on Twitter, but he was busy making fun of his “man tears” as the episode was airing.

“Hey Tanner do you have any more of those tissues you brought out of the limo?” Chris tweeted as the episode aired, according to the Inquisitr, poking fun of his broken heart.

Maybe he was one of the Andi’s favorites this season. One can imagine that Nick isn’t one of Dorfman’s favorites, as he called her out on national television last year. There have been some tension between these two, but Andi did meet with Viall after she ended up stint on the show. Some believed that she did make a mistake choosing Josh Murray over Viall. But it sounds like Andi isn’t too concerned with her choices, especially since he is competing on this season of the show. It is nice of Dorfman to check in with Chris to see how he is doing.

What do you think about Andi Dorfman being concerned about Chris after his elimination?

[Image via ABC]