WWE News: Mick Foley Talks Kevin Owens, Says Owens Is A More Aggressive Version Of Himself

There have been a few men in WWE history who have been able to become main-event caliber superstars, even though they didn’t fit the typical WWE main-event superstar mold. Mick Foley is one of those men, and another one is the current NXT Champion, and No. 1 contender for John Cena’s United States Championship, Kevin Owens, who has taken WWE by storm, and is one of the best characters on their weekly television shows.

Mick Foley has been one of WWE’s most honest critics over the last couple of years, being unafraid to point out things that he doesn’t like about the product, even if his criticism is directed at WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. But, Foley isn’t always negative, and, in this specific case, he was extremely positive, as he put over Kevin Owens as much as he could via his Facebook page.

“No matter where I was during the course of my career, I always felt comfortable in knowing that my character was unique and that my matches were going to be different than anyone else’s on the card. I really think that if Kevin Owens had been around while I was in my peak that he would have forced me to become a better wrestler — to increase my limited offensive arsenal, and to step up the cardio to keep up with his faster pace. I appreciate that so many people miss me on their TV sets each week, but I’m not really gone. Kevin Owens is a faster, stronger, more aggressive version of me who you can see each week on WWE RAW and WWE SmackDown.”

As previously mentioned, there have only been a few men that have been able to get to the top of WWE despite not looking like a typical WWE main-event superstar, and Mick Foley could very well be the poster-child of that small group. However, Foley did jokingly admit that he’s afraid that Kevin Owens will eventually take his place as the new poster-child of that group.

“So does Foley fear Owens? In a way. I’m afraid that when wrestling’s history book is written and the topic of top wrestlers with unorthodox body types is discussed, that my name will no longer be first on the list!”

Foley isn’t the first WWE Hall of Famer to give high-praise to Owens. Last week, Hulk Hogan praised Kevin Owens, saying that Owens was the first guy in a long time who made him forget that he was watching pre-determined entertainment, and made him a believer again. Also, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin has sung the praises of Owens over the last couple of weeks, as well.

It’s expected that Kevin Owens will lose his NXT Championship to Finn Balor this coming Saturday to Finn Balor, but, that’s just because he’s been called up to the main-roster, so, it’s time for him to lose it. It’s also expected that Owens will defeat John Cena at WWE Battleground, and become the new United States Champion. So, he won’t be without gold for very long.

[Image via Michael Buckner / Getty Images]