Kate Middleton Rumors: Duchess Kate’s Mom Carole Reportedly Causing Royal Family Tension

Kate Middleton Rumors: Duchess Kate's Mom Carole Reportedly Causing Royal Family Tension

Kate Middleton is reportedly causing quite a bit of tension in the royal family, with sources saying she is defying Queen Elizabeth and instead moving power to her own mother, Carole.

For months, reports have noted how Duchess Kate is bucking royal tradition in how and where she lives and how she raises her children. Kate has skipped out on royal engagements, lived outside of preferred residences, and taken her own approach to raising Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

The change has reportedly given Duchess Kate’s mom, Carole Middleton, greater sway in family decisions.

From Celeb Dirty Laundry, as follows.

“Carole and Kate have instituted a new regimen that favors family and middle class values instead of privilege. Make no mistake, the Middletons and royal enjoy the power and riches of a multi-million dollar allowance, but Carole and Kate call the shots. Anmer Hall is [a] lavish country home, but the Middleton family dominates, constantly making changes to royal traditions and protocol.”

Carole Middleton is reportedly dominating her grandchildren’s lives as well, forcing Prince Charles out of the picture and dictating much of Prince George’s schedule.

“William and Kate’s rejection of Charles as a formative influence for George has been painful for him, but it is clearly Carole whom William and Kate believe will instill the right values in the future King,” the Daily Beast reported.

The situation has reportedly put quite a bit of pressure on Kate Middleton, who sources say is coming under fire for rejecting royal traditions.

But Carole Middleton doesn’t seem to mind, source claim.

“Carole’s pretty hard to faze,” a friend told the Daily Beast. “She never really cared about the whole ‘doors-to-manual’ thing. You don’t build a business like she has being a sensitive flower. She is also deeply practical. That’s why Kate likes having her around so much—she just takes care of all the details.”

Duchess Kate appears to be adopting the middle class attitude more than her royal life. She tries to give her children the most normal lives possible, including a recent trip to the park with Prince George, where she pretended to be a monster as she chased him around.

Amaia Arrieta, owner of one of Kate’s favorite clothing lines in Amaia Kids, said interactions with Kate Middleton have shown her to be just a normal mom.

“The first time she came into the shop she was with her mother [Carole Middleton]. It was quite funny because she said, ‘I’ve just had a baby and I’m a little lost. Would you be able to help me?’ Of course we knew who she was! It surprised us to see how normal and natural she was. We helped her like any new mom and I think she liked that because she’s been coming back ever since.”

There are signs that the tension could be starting to affect Kate Middleton, however. She has been seen looking quite thin recently, and while she has been open about her strict exercise and diet regimen, there are some who believe that the weight loss could be connected with a high-stress life.

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