Church Burnings: Add Mississippi To The List, CNN Responds, One Arsonist Caught

Church Burnings - Add Mississippi To The List, CNN Responds, One Arsonist Caught

As churches continue to become victims to unusual burnings, Mississippi has joined the list of states under investigation. Last night, the city of Jackson was hit.

In a continuation of the #WhoIsBurningBlackChurches hashtag, it happened at Disciples of Christ Ministries — at the intersection of Rose and Grand Avenue, as reports WLBT-3.

According to the news medium, the pastor arrived on the scene and witnessed smoke rising from the roof. After immediately calling emergency services about the church’s burning, it was said that the fire started in the pastor’s office and spread throughout the front interior.

WLBT-3 interviewed one of the church members, Sheritta McCaskill. She stated as follows.

“We’re not sure where we’re gonna continue our worship service. But we know God can fix any problems. So, we know God’s gonna make a way out of no way.”

Meanwhile, it’s being proposed that it could’ve been an electrical fire, says investigative authorities. However, they don’t have a pinpointed cause of the fire, and are considering arson as a possibility, as well.

This is just one of many recent church burnings that have happened in the past week. Is it mere coincidence that so many churches are burning in such a related manner? Authorities — though proving them to be arsons — say that there’s no evidence to prove the burnings are connected, as reports Inquisitr.

There’s also mentioning that one burned in Los Angeles last night as well.

Also, yesterday, an arsonist attempted to set fire to a church in New York — in Queens, near Ozone Park, as reports New York Post.

People are even questioning the truthfulness of the United States’ government and investigative authorities on the matter. Some are saying that it’s these governing entities who are actually instigating the issues, all for a larger scheme.

While CNN isn’t on-the-scene, the medium reports on the church burnings in the following video.

What are your thoughts? Do you believe they’re coincidental? Is it domestic terrorism? Give us your take.

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