Georgia Wal-Mart Rampage: $2,000 In Damage Caused When 50 Teens Storm Georgia Wal-Mart

Georgia Wal-Mart rampage

A Georgia Wal-Mart rampage involving about 50 teens caused $2,000 in damage.

According to Fox News, dozens of teenagers stormed the Macon Walmart with intentions of causing as much damage as possible. As of now, the only motive seems to be “boredom.” These kids, for whatever reason, thought it would be fun to destroy the store.

“Bibb County sheriff’s officials say some of the young people snatched a man from a motorized shopping cart and dragged him to the floor during the rampage around 2 a.m. Sunday. Sheriff’s officials said one of the teens later told a Walmart employee that the goal was to see how much damage they could cause.”

The Georgia Wal-Mart rampage only left police with one suspect as the teens ran away once they accomplished their goal. Authorities say that a 17-year-old male, identified as Kharron Green, was arrested at the scene after police caught up to him in the store’s parking lot. According to the Smoking Gun, Green was seen in surveillance footage “presenting gang signs in the air with his hands.” Green told police that this was a “planned event,” and that he and his comrades wanted to see just how much damage they could do.

Green has been charged with criminal street gang activity, inciting to riot, and criminal damage to property. He refused to give up any additional names, so police are relying on surveillance video to help them identify more of the kids involved in the incident.

According to ABC News, the teens smashed merchandise, evidently running in and ripping things off of the store’s shelves. The floors of the store were “coated” with broken items. Sources say that broken items were found all over the store, not just in one area.

The Georgia Wal-Mart rampage was not the first time that a Georgia Walmart was in the news in recent days, either. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, an armed man attempted to rob a store in DeKalb County last week. Security guards reportedly fought off the shoplifter.

“Things got started when loss prevention officers (corporate speak for security staff) brought the individual in question to the Atlanta-area store’s security office and asked him to empty his pockets because they apparently thought he might be engaging in shoplifting. That’s when he allegedly tussled with the staffers, pulled a gun from a paper bag, and opened fire in the encounter captured on surveillance footage,” reports the Inquisitr.

[Photo by Joe Raedle / Getty Images]