June 29, 2017
Scooters With No Handles: The Segway-Like Scooter Boards Justin Bieber's Instagram Made Popular [Video]

Chances are, if you watched the NBA playoffs or hang out on Instagram, you've seen the new scooters with no handles that are all the rage. Whether scooting around on the pre-game "walk of fashion" that certain NBA players, like JR Smith, perform, or on Justin Bieber's Instagram page, the mobile vehicles that look like Segways without handles and top out around six miles per hour are a hit with celebrities. Bieber wrote about nearly killing himself on his IO HAWK - Intelligent Personal Mobility Device in the Instagram post that has gained more than 51,721 comments in the 7 weeks since Bieber posted the photo.

"Lol I died at the end my head literally hit the camera IOHAWK"
According to IO HAWK, their device is an innovative way that changes the way people move, calling their transporter revolutionary. Bieber isn't the only one getting in on the action. The IO Hawk devices are listed for $1,799.99 on their website, yet celebrities like Angela Simmons, daughter of Rev Run, are posting videos of another handle-less scooter on Instagram. Angela wrote about just learning to ride the scooter in the airport.
"Lol just learning how to use this thing! Haha #airportflow #Highflyerscooters Highflyerscooters.com"
According to the High Flyers Scooters website, theirs are less expensive than the IO Hawk scooters, with the High Flyers scooters priced at $699 as of this writing.

As reported by Wired, a number of other celebrities like Chris Brown (watch him own his on Instagram and "Run It" with fabulous dance moves) and others have embraced the scooters. Those famous names include Nick Jonas, Zedd, Soulja Boy, and Kendall Jenner. Include Nicki Minaj, Wiz Khalifa, and Skrillex in on the Segway-without-handles fame.

Jamie Foxx brought a Phunkee Duck for Jimmy Fallon to try and ride, and Fallon said he couldn't stop going in circles. According to the Phunkee Duck website, their personal transportation devices are $1,499.99 each, so the prices vary by maker. There is controversy over whether the Phunkee Duck device featured was actually an IO Hawk.

All such personal transportation devices are reportedly made in China -- with versions selling on Alibaba for $200, although the retail prices range from $600 on up. Perhaps due to the popularity of celebrities on Instagram having fun with the scooters -- which don't officially have one single name, such as "skateboard" or "bicycle" -- that's the reason why there's a waiting list for some of the items, despite their high price tags.

Others have taken to Instagram to show how they can take on stairs with the IO Hawk.

As reported by the Inquisitr, another big celebrity craze that continues to rule Instagram is PreMadonna's waist trainer craze.

[Image via Instagram]