Austism Linked To ‘American Diet’ In New Study

The autism epidemic in the United States may be linked to the American diet according to a study published in the journal Clinical Epigenetics.

In examining the American diet David Wallinga, senior adviser in science, food and health at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy and his team reveal that unhealthy diets can interfere with the body’s ability to eliminate toxic chemicals, thus leading to long-term health issues.

Wallinga tells Public News Service:

“We’re not pretending that it’s not complex. It is. But the important thing to realize is that these environmental and nutritional factors are critical, that they work together, and that ultimately a lot of them are preventable causes of autism.”

Wallinga believes that highly-processed and sweetened foods which affect the body’s ability to detoxify helps lead to autism. As he clearly states:

“People who consume high-fructose corn syrup can develop problems with mineral deficiencies, and these mineral deficiencies in turn can make their bodies have more problems with getting rid of contaminants in their bodies.”

The study if proven correct could be great news for pregnant women and women who are looking to become pregnant because changing their diet to include foods higher in antioxidants and lower in processed sugars could help prevent autism from forming. Diets high in calcium also mean less of a chance of absorbing lead and other metals into your gut.

This isn’t the first study to link diet and autism, two recent studies found that autism increases in women who are pregnant and obese.

More details from the study are available through the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy website,