Kathy Hilton Responds To Brandi Glanville’s Kim Richards Rehab Tweet

Kathy Hilton was recently dragged into the ongoing drama between Kim and Kyle Richards. As the two sisters attempt to mend their relationship, Brandi Glanville continues to cause issues between them, and earlier this week, she mentioned Kathy Hilton.

After calling out Kyle for causing trouble with Kathy Hilton’s husband’s, Rick’s, business, and exploiting her sister Kim’s sobriety, Glanville shared a message about Kim’s sobriety. In her tweet, which occurred just days after she called out Kyle, Glanville told fans she had recently visited Kim in rehab. In response, a fan called her out for going against Kathy Hilton’s request to stop using her to garner herself publicity.

Following Kim’s alcohol relapse and arrest in April, many housewives, Glanville included, spoke of the incident. In response, Kathy Hilton applauded those who refused to speak of the news, which included Glanville’s nemesis, Joanna Krupa. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Krupa was confronted with the issue while out in Los Angeles, but said she would not address the topic. Upon hearing the interaction, Kathy Hilton thanked Krupa for her kind words and slammed those “capitalizing” on her sister’s hardships.

Now, many weeks later, Glanville has done just that — again — and fans aren’t happy.

Although Kathy Hilton appeared to misconstrue the tweet, assuming her sister was being accused of fame-hungry behavior, fans have taken Glanville’s tweet about Kim being in rehab as a major diss to her family.

Glanville has been going on a rampage lately when it comes to her tweets against Kyle. Not only did she accuse her of exploiting her sister, she’s also claimed she did so solely to benefit her own fame. In response to Glanville’s shocking allegations against her fellow reality star, Kyle reportedly served her with a cease and desist letter, threatening to take legal action against her if she doesn’t stop her public bashing.

In other Kathy Hilton news, the mother of Paris Hilton has been rumored to be joining the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for Season 6. However, according to her, there’s no truth to the report.

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