TNA Rumors: Was ‘Slammiversary’ Really The Last Ever PPV For The Company – Lots Of Signs Point To It

This past Sunday, TNA held their anniversary Pay-Per-View event known as Slammiversary, and now there are rumors that it could have been their last one ever. Talk has been going on that there could be an “invasion angle” coming with Global Force Wrestling, but there are a lot of signs pointing toward TNA not being around for too much longer.

Slammiversary saw the return of co-founder Jeff Jarrett to in-ring action for TNA, and it brought forth a lot of other things, too. Jarrett ended up winning the King of the Mountain Title, which a number people still aren’t sure what it is.

Now, F4WOnline is reporting that Jarrett is actually expected to defend that title in Global Force Wrestling. He will take it to GFW and defend it at their events, which are meant to have only have GFW talent performing at them. There is no word of TNA being integrated with those events and challenging Jarrett for that title.

On another note, Pro Wrestling Illustrated, one of the longest pro wrestling magazines, has announced they are no longer recognizing the TNA World Championship as a “World Title.” From here on out, they will only recognize the WWE World Heavyweight Championship as a “World Title.”

A lot of talk of TNA’s demise came when Destination America suddenly revealed that Ring of Honor would be airing on the same network and same night as Impact Wrestling. Apparently, there was an inter-company memo sent around Destination America saying that TNA wouldn’t be on television after September.

TNA has since denied those rumors.

In the past week, TNA has had a number of big-time departures and releases that make it hard to believe the company is in a good position. Names such as Magnus, Low Ki, James Storm, Austin Aries, and Gunner are all gone.

After Slammiversary was over, a number of TNA personalities, including Jeremy Borash, were all saying their final farewells to the company during the Pay-Per-View. It should also be noted that TNA has no PPVs scheduled after Slammiversary.

TNA Impact Wrestling just completed tapings that will take them through July and most of August. More tapings are set for later in July, and those shows should take them through September.

There is a lot of confusion right now as to what is going on with TNA, and no one has really come forward to solidly confirm nor deny anything. Slammiversary may not have only been the final PPV this year for the company, but possibly ever.

[Image via TNA]