Real Life ‘Notebook’ Couple Dies Hand In Hand Within 24 Hours After 75 Years of Marriage

San Diego couple, Jeanette and Alexander Toczko, were married for 75 years and told their children they wanted to die in each other’s arms. Then, when the time came, they died within a day of each other – with one passing in the arm of the other.

Alexander and Jeannette Toczko were both born in Connecticut in 1919 – and in 1940, at the age of 21, they got married.

According to the couple’s children, their parents began dating at the age of eight, and had a lifelong love affair.

“They fell in love. They were boyfriend and girlfriend when they were 8 years old,” son Richard Toczko told KGTV.

Alexander, 95, and Jeannette, 96, also didn’t like being away from each other as their daughter Aimee Toczko-Cushman stated.

“My dad carried around a picture of my mother in her Holy Communion outfit in his wallet,” she shared.

KGTV reports that Alexander would play golf every day, until one day he fell and broke his hip. Then, since the fall, his health took a turn for the worse and began to decline rapidly.

“He was going fast,” said Toczko.

Subsequently, their children remembered something the couple would say – “They wanted to go in their own bed holding hands and in each other’s arms.”

So, a hospice bed was brought into their home for Alexander, and placed right next to Jeannette’s bed. And, as her husband’s condition worsened, Jeannette’s health began to decline.

At one point, she wondered what day it was, and her children told her it was June.

Excited, she asked if it was June 29, which is the day that marks their 75th wedding anniversary.

And, unable to deny her such pleasure, the family said it was – buying balloons and flowers to celebrate the special occasion.

“We said happy anniversary and my mother was thrilled to death because it was their anniversary and she knew that he was going and that they had made it to 75 years,” said Aimee.

Alexander passed away first, leaving his wife on June 17.

“He died in her arms,” which is exactly what he wanted, said Toczko-Cushman. “I went in there and told my mother he was gone; she hugged him and she said, ‘See, this is what you wanted. You died in my arms and I love you. I love you, wait for me, I’ll be there soon.'”

And in less than 24 hours, she joined him in death.

The couple was buried together on Monday on the official day of their 75th wedding anniversary.

[Image via ABC News]