‘Big Brother 17’ Teasers: Power Of Veto Ceremony Held, Week 1 Eviction Target Determined [Spoilers]

A new episode of Big Brother 17 airs Tuesday night on CBS, and this should be a juicy one. The first eviction of the season is looming, and after this episode, fans should have a pretty solid idea of who is headed home. What Big Brother spoilers are available regarding where things stand at the moment?

While James Huling and Jason Roy won Head of Household initially, Jason’s nominees won the Battle of the Block. That means that James’ nominees, Steve Moses and Jackie Ibarra, were officially up for eviction. However, the houseguests were already buzzing about a backdoor plan, and it all came down to the Power of Veto competition.

Big Brother spoilers from Big Brother Network indicate that Steve went in and crushed the competition, winning the POV. Though he may well have been taken off the block no matter which houseguest won, he took things into his own hands. The POV ceremony has already taken place, and BB17 spoilers tease that Steve indeed took himself off the block.

Which houseguest went up in Steve’s place? As Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds had teased, James nominated Jace Agolli for eviction. Much of the house was onboard with this plan, but Jace didn’t initially take it well. Though the eviction vote doesn’t take place until Thursday, right now, Jace is definitely being targeted for eviction, and even he has realized he’s likely going home.

Though Week 1 of this game is usually relatively mellow as everybody connects and eases into the new season, this year seems to be a bit different. Many, many alliances have already been made, and the houseguests are playing hard. Audrey Middleton had indicated that she was determined to control this game and she’s not holding back. However, it seems to be backfiring on her, though she hasn’t necessarily realized it yet.

Big Brother spoilers from the feeds have shown that people are quickly catching on to Audrey, and she’s becoming a target very quickly. As BuddyTV shares, Audrey has been getting into heated battles around the house, particularly with Jace. While Middleton is safe from eviction this week, given the fact that Jace was nominated at the POV ceremony, she may not be safe for long.

Audrey may have had a strong hold on the game initially, but it seems she came out too hard, too fast, and it’s already backfiring. Though there are no guarantees, and both fans and houseguests know that there are multiple twists ahead for this season, viewers may see Middleton targeted for eviction sooner rather than later.

Will anything change in the house to shift the target off of Jace Agolli’s back when it comes to this first eviction? Fans will have to stay tuned for more BB17 spoilers as Big Brother continues to heat up on CBS.

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