Ed Sheeran And Selena Gomez Making Music Or ‘Good For You’ Love?

Ed Sheeran and Selena Gomez are the perfect songwriting team, according to bestie Taylor Swift. A source spoke to Hollywood Life about the possible Sheeran-Gomez collaboration.

“It was Taylor that suggested the pair team up.She had so much success with Ed on her Red album, and thinks he’d be a perfect songwriting partner for Selena. Taylor will always be thankful to Ed for helping her hone her talents, and knows how talented he is to be able to help Selena out too.”

There’s no talk yet about Gomez joining an Ed Sheeran tour, but Hollywood Life reports that Sheeran thinks she is the ” ‘right’ girl to sing one of his next hit songs,” so anything is possible.

Sheeran and Gomez were out at The Nice Guy bar and lounge in Los Angeles on June 25, and after a long chat about music, they seem to agree with Taylor. The two got along well, and “Selena clearly had a blast” sticking close to Ed. Gomez needed someone to stick close to, because her ex Justin Bieber was in the crowd too. Justin and Selena avoided each other and didn’t even say hello.

So is there more than songwriting between Ed and Selena? E! Online wondered on Twitter if there’s a new couple on our hands.

Woman’s Day also suggested that Gomez and Sheeran might be starting a romance. In the online magazine, a series of candid photographs of Ed Sheeran and Selena shows the couple at various times during their night out. The pics were captioned with comments like, “… he knew all the right things to say as he charmed the Come & Get It hitmaker.” Did Ed do some “thinking out loud” about his feelings for Selena? Whatever he said seemed to work, because Woman’s Day also wrote, “It’s clear Selena thinks Ed is as funny and cute as we do!”

Some Sheeran fans are feeling a little heartbroken about the romance rumors.

It’s a short two years since the first Ed and Selena romance rumors made the rounds. In 2013, Taylor Swift introduced the two, and they were spotted together when Ed spent the night at Selena’s house and later had to take time to put his guitar into a car before driving away. Nothing came of it all, but now they are both a bit older and might be ready for more.

It’s too soon to get excited about a romance between Ed and Selena, according to a source who spoke to Hollywood Life.

“Ed and Selena have been hanging out a lot together, but there’s nothing going on there. They just want to get to know each other better because they’re considering working with one another.”

Romance or not, fans think the idea of a Sheeran and Gomez musical team-up is exciting enough!

[Image via OR AKM-GSI / Splash News / Mirror]