Jackson Vroman Was Not Killed — The 34-Yr Old Ex-NBA Player Drowned, But How Still Remains A Mystery

Conflicting reports that claimed Jackson Vroman was killed have been quelled. The 34-year-old former NBA player apparently drowned, and his body was seen floating in his pool.

The news about Jackson Vroman was first prematurely released by the Lebanese national basketball team. The team’s official Twitter stated as follows.

However, the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner confirmed Vroman was actually found unconscious in the pool at his home. Still, the Examiner-Coroner hasn’t stated the exact cause of the death. A car accident, though, can safely be ruled out of the possible causes of his death. The investigator has confirmed that he has not yet finished his preliminary report and the exact cause should be known by the end of this week. A complete autopsy, which is scheduled to take place within this week, should clarify what exactly happened to the 6 foot, 10 inch sturdily-built former NBA player.

Bizarrely, Dan Bilzerian, a popular social media figure dubbed the “King of Instagram” seems to exactly know how Jackson Vroman died, reported the Daily Mail. According to Bilzerian, the star merely stumbled and hit his head, before plunging into his pool.

“He was sitting down, he got up to go inside the house, tripped on the stairs, hit his head and drown [sic] in the pool.”


Before being selected to play in 2004 NBA draft by the Chicago Bulls, Jackson Vroman played basketball for Iowa State from 2002 to 2004. He has played for multiple other illustrious teams like the Suns, and the New Orleans Hornets. The 34-year-old star even played internationally. He was part of teams in China, Spain, the Philippines, and South Korea. Vroman continued to play professionally overseas until 2014 before returning to America.

Jackson Vroman was a close friend to Justin Bieber and Reggie Bush. Though Justin hasn’t officially commented on the tragic event yet, Reggie posted a photo and heartfelt message on Instagram.

Just two months back, Vroman had posted a “buddy pic” with Justin.


What’s troubling besides the fact that a former NBA player being found dead in his own pool is the fact that the star’s own alma mater, Iowa State University, also reported the news of his tragic death on Monday through its website. The school even added that former ISU forward was killed from injuries sustained in the car crash.

[Image Credit: Layne Murdoch / Getty Images]