Shannon Beador On Meghan’s Lie: ‘Looking For A Storyline?’

Shannon Beador is going through quite a bit on this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County. As Shannon revealed in Episode 1, her husband, David Beador, had an affair during the show’s hiatus, and he got caught by his wife and children. These days, Shannon is trying to rebuild her marriage and move on from the drama.

But just because Shannon Beador doesn’t have drama with her husband doesn’t mean there isn’t any drama at all. In fact, Shannon doesn’t really like Meghan King Edmonds because of the way things have unfolded between them. And after she learned of the things that were being said behind her back, Shannon decided to take action.

According to a new Bravo report, Shannon Beador is now revealing that she is actually very upset that her co-star would lie about how she got Shannon’s phone number. In addition, all of the extra drama that King Edmonds brings has Beador questioning whether this new housewife is looking for a storyline.

“I am upset that Meghan lied to me about how she got my number. If someone gives your cell phone number out, they either call to ask permission ahead of time or let you know that someone you don’t know will be calling you. Neither of those happened. When I figured out who had called me, I sensed the manipulation behind it and guessed the exact thing that would happen at some point in the season,” Shannon Beador revealed about Edmonds’ lie.

King had originally called Shannon to get her help with a charity event, because Beador had experience with setting one up. However, Shannon didn’t recognize King’s number and wasn’t too willing to help. Because of this, rumors surfaced about Shannon causing drama, which were completely unnecessary.

“Meghan insinuated that I was uncharitable. Can you say ‘looking for a storyline’??? She never needed to call me. Meghan had numerous, qualified JDRF members to answer any questions she had and a qualified caterer in front of her,” Shannon Beador revealed, adding, “The only reason to call me was to create an issue with an existing cast member on the show. It was a pre-meditated ambush and I was understandably upset about it.”

According to the Inquisitr, Beador has been working on keeping her life in tact. Her marriage has not crumbled, despite the affair, and Shannon is doing everything in her power to not lose her marriage.

What do you think of Shannon Beador’s claims that Meghan is looking for a storyline?

[Image via Bravo]