Paris Hilton Prank: Did Egyptian Show Go Too Far With Prank That Left Paris In Tears?

Paris Hilton Prank: Did Egyptian Show Go Too Far With Prank That Left Paris In Tears?

Paris Hilton was the victim of a cruel prank that many fans say went too far, one that left the reality television star and socialite sobbing and afraid for her life.

Paris appeared on a prank show called Ramez in Control, one that comes from actor Ramez Galal. In the episode, Paris was traveling to Dubai for the opening of a hotel and was invited to take a short jet ride around the city.

But a few minutes into the flight the pilot began doing aerial stunts, making Paris believe that the plane was crashing. Alarms started to go off and Paris started to panic, then one passenger opened the side door of the jet and tossed a man out.

As The Huffington Post explained, Paris Hilton became distraught during the prank, screaming “No” and “I don’t want to jump.”

The report explained:

The faked crash footage — which is very disturbing to watch — goes on for more than five minutes as Hilton continues to scream and cry, looking genuinely terrified. After the plane lands safely, Galal tells Hilton he is an Egyptian actor and that the crash was just a prank. It appears Hilton wasn’t in on the joke, as she seems surprised and confused before yelling at the host, “I’m going to kill you.”

For Paris Hilton, the plane crash prank was no laughing matter.

“I almost thought I was going to die,” she told cameras as she cried. “That’s been my biggest fear my whole life, dying in a plane.”

Fans have reacted with anger, with many taking to social media to say the prank went too far.

Paris may now be considering legal action, TMZ reported:

Our sources say she’s “totally freaked out” over flying anywhere… something she’s required to constantly do. She’s already called her lawyers to find out who’s responsible, and they told her she has a solid case for emotional distress.

Paris tells them she had absolutely no clue this was a prank… she wasn’t in on it. She also doesn’t believe anyone in her camp was involved.

This is not the only Egyptian show in trouble for pranks that appear to cross the line. Other networks have aired cruel pranks in coordination with Ramadan, including Al-Hayat TV which showed a well-known Syrian singer being put through a mock execution.

The victim, Bassem Yakhour, was made to believe that he was abducted by Israeli special forces and taken to a military base for execution.

The abductors, actors were really actors in fake military uniforms, accused Yakhour of entering Israeli waters.

“We were in the Egyptian water,” Yakhour protests in English to his captors. “I swear. You kidnapped us. You brought us here.”

He continued to plead for his life, clearly terrified by the incident.

“I’m not the captain of the ship,” he pleaded.

Yakhour was then brought to his knees and a gun pointed to his head. After an explosion he was pulled to his feet and encouraged to run away, at which time it was revealed to be a hoax.

Paris Hilton was not the only victim of the plane crash prank, either. Last week an Egyptian actress named Lucy went through a nearly identical prank over Dubai, made to believe that her plane was crashing and that she would have to parachute to safety.

[Image via Ramez in Control]