December 4, 2019
Melania Trump May Be Signaling Her Resistance To Donald Trump By Wearing Pants, According To Biographer

Melania Trump may be trying to show the world that she is resisting her husband, Donald Trump, by wearing pants, according to biographer Kate Bennett. The CNN reporter appeared on New Day on Tuesday to discuss her book about the first lady -- Free, Melania: The Unauthorized Biography. There, Bennett revealed that, in her opinion, Melania is choosing to wear more masculine clothing intentionally, because the president prefers women to dress in a more traditionally feminine way.

Bennett spoke with CNN host John Berman, and he prompted her to talk about her theory.

"You think there's a message sometimes in slacks or trousers or pants. Explain," he said.

She began her response by explaining that Trump is traditional in his preferences for female attire.

"You know, I think there's a certain way that Donald Trump prefers women to dress in a more feminine way," the author said. "[H]e's, you know, an old-fashioned man, and I think that he — his tastes tend toward more feminine garb."

But that's not how Melania always dresses. Though she can often be spotted in dresses, the first lady wears pants and pantsuits now and then.

"[O]ftentimes, Melania Trump wears menswear and suiting," she said. "[S]he wore that white pantsuit to the State of the Union in the thick of the Stormy Daniels headlines."

This, she believes, is a way to signal to her husband that she is resisting his control in some way, likening her wardrobe choices to the ways suffragettes used clothing to signal their resistance.

Of course, Melania would likely deny the suggestion, the author conceded.

"If you asked Melania Trump she'd just say, 'I just wore a white pantsuit,'" she said.

That's because she believes Melania is "savvy enough to know" that she needs to leave things unspoken.

Kate is making it clear by the title of the book that her account isn't an officially authorized biography, but she continues to travel around the world with Melania -- and has access to the first lady that likely gives her some special insight into Melania's behavior.

The president and first lady's relationship is often the focus of media attention. As The Inquisitr previously reported, a viral video showed the president patting his leg as he waited for Melania to make her way to their car, prompting people to suggest that he was calling her like he would a dog. He was also previously criticized for holding an umbrella over himself while leaving her standing in the rain.