Jill Duggar Moving With Derick To Nepal After Josh’s Molestation? ’19 Kids’ Spin-Off With Jessa Unlikely [Video]

Jill Duggar is moving.

Jill Duggar is moving with her husband, Derick Dillard, and baby out of the country. The 19 Kids And Counting reality TV show co-stars made the announcement just a few weeks after she revealed herself as one of the underage girls molested by her brother Josh Duggar, reported E! News.

Although their son, Israel, is only 2-months-old, the 24-year-old new mother has agreed with her 26-year-old husband’s decision. They did not reveal the exact location of their overseas Christian mission, but Derick has resigned from his Walmart position.

The past few weeks have been challenging for all the Duggars in different ways. After the news broke that Josh had molested five underage girls when he was a teenager, TLC yanked the episodes of 19 Kids And Counting, although the show has not been cancelled.

Derick and Jill are moving in July. The photo included with their announcement is named Nepal, and shows Dillard on a craggy mountain.

It is known that Derick already has been to Nepal to accomplish humanitarian and missionary work. The poverty-stricken area was hit by an earthquake in the spring that resulted in more than 8,500 deaths.

Jill and Derick met after he had served several years as a Christian missionary, with Jim Bob Duggar initially taking on the role of prayer partner before becoming Derick’s father-in-law.

“Since we first began our relationship, it has always been our goal that Jesus Christ might be glorified as we serve others through family ministry, by whatever means that might be,” explained Derick. “God has put a desire in our hearts to serve Him internationally for longer than the typical short-term mission trip, but we didn’t know yet how God would fulfill that desire in us.”

Although Dillard said that they thought it would be awhile until they served long-term, Jill’s husband revealed that a new chance opened up recently that they decided to accept.

“Earlier this year, God brought about an opportunity much earlier than either of us was expecting. Several months ago a new opportunity arose for us to serve God on the mission field. After much prayer and seeking Godly counsel, we realized that taking this opportunity and moving overseas in order to serve is the best option for our family.”

But Jill will miss her sister, Jessa. The 22-year-old and her husband, 20-year-old Ben Seewald, are expecting their first child. The sisters subjected themselves to an interview on Fox News to discuss how they felt about being among Josh’s molestation victims.

“When this happened, when my dad and mom sat down with us and shared what happened and Josh asked us to forgive him, we had to make that choice that I think everyone has to make,” said Jill.

“And my dad explained to us, he said, ‘You know there’s a difference between forgiveness and trust’… Josh destroyed that trust at the beginning, and so he had to rebuild that. And so I think when … he asked us to forgive him, that was the point of rebuilding.”

For Josh and his wife, Anna Duggar, who is pregnant, the future is uncertain. They have three children already, and recently left their home in Maryland after he resigned from his Family Research Council job. He reportedly is moving close to his parents.

As the Inquisitr reported, Josh and Anna both recently returned to social media. The Duggar couple celebrated Anna’s birthday and their anniversary. The family currently includes Michael, age 3, Marcus, age 1, and Mackynzie, who is 5.

It is not known what Josh will do for future employment.

Moreover, the news that Jill is moving could prove fatal for plans to create a Duggar family spin-off featuring Jessa and Jill, reported Hollywood Take.

After the show was pulled from the air by TLC and advertisers fled, the network has had time to consider crafting some sort of spin-off or coming up with a new name and new angle for 19 Kids And Counting.

[Image Via Jill & Derick Dilllard / Facebook]