Apple Music Now Available: What Does Everyone Need To Know?

Tuesday saw the release of Apple Music, the new streaming service. It has been in the news a lot lately, after Taylor Swift’s scathing letter sharing how artists were not going to be paid royalties during the free trial period. That has now been rectified, and the singer has not agreed to allow her music to be made available. However, the new music streaming service will not be available for all. Before you opt for the free trial, here is everything users need to know.

Before using Apple Music, there are system requirements. All users will need to update to the latest version of iOS, whether they have an iPhone or iPad. Those using iTunes to listen on PCs and Macs will need to update to the latest version of that. Some people avoid updating right away due to bugs and issues, but there is no other option.

Android users will get access to Apple Music in a few months time, according to CNN Money. The system requirements for that are unavailable at the time of writing this.

The cost may be an issue, but there is a family membership available; unlike with other streaming services. As well as a 90-day free trial, USA Today reports that there is a family of six membership for $14.99 per month. However, users will initially be automatically enrolled onto the $9.99 per month subscription after the free trial period. The iTunes store will remain open for those who prefer to buy their music.

As Apple has taken over Beats, the Beats service will eventually be replaced by the Music service. Current members will continue to receive Beats until that time.

Siri will work with Apple Music. It is possible for users to ask for specific songs, albums and even playlists. Users will also be able to ask to play designated favorites, making hands-free listening a possibility. While many other voice activation programs already do something similar, the tech giant has taken Siri one step further. Users will be able to ask to play music from a specific date.

Those who already have a full iTunes library will not have to search for tracks again. The streaming service will search the current library and pull the tracks through the streaming service. New tracks can then be added as and when necessary. It certainly gives users a chance to listen to new albums before deciding whether to buy them.

Like Spotify’s premium service, there is the ability to listen offline. Many may question the need for iTunes when this is available to Apple Music.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]