Rosalyn Sanchez And Other Latinos Unite Against Donald Trump

After Univision declared that it will not televise the Miss USA pageant this year, Puerto Rican-born actress Rosalyn Sanchez also announced that she is not interested in co-hosting the beauty contest anymore.

Rosalyn claimed that as a Latina, she will not support anything associated with Donald Trump, as the business mogul’s remarks were an insult to her culture.

Though she was honored to host the prestigious beauty contest, Rosalyn felt obligated to show allegiance to her people.

Trump owns a part of the Miss Universe organization, which in turn produces the Miss USA beauty contest.

In a speech, Trump delivered on the onset of his presidential campaign, Trump accused Mexicans of “bringing drugs, crimes and rapists” to the United States.

The business magnate further claimed that the U.S. has become a place in for other countries to dump their troubles.

And the Mexican nation was guilty of not sending their finest citizens.

Aside from singer-actress Rosalyn, who was supposed to co-host the beauty pageant, other Latinos have also refused to take part in the pageant, which was set to air this July 12.

Spanish actor and Devious Maids star Cristian De La Fuente has declined to co-host the pageant. Colombian singer J. Balvin has asked to be removed from the list of performers in the Miss USA contest, as well.

In a video posted by De La Fuente on Facebook, the actor declared that it is simply not acceptable to embark on a presidential bid that is built on loathing and prejudice against another race, and branding immigrants from Mexico as “drug dealers and rapists.”

Meanwhile, Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cofen, has revealed that the business mogul has threatened to file charges against Univision for refusing to televise the beauty pageant.

Cohen informed Reuters that the charges will cost Trump enterprises “hundreds of millions of dollars.”

The lawyer aims to “pursue all legal rights,” as well, pursuant to the conditions of the license contract.

On the other hand, Rick Sanchez, for Fox News Latino, announced that though Trump has trashed Latinos, his statement has the Hispanic Americans indebted to him by uniting Latinos.

Rick further emphasized that the insult has crushed the “cultural demarcation” which separated the Central and South Americans. In its place, a sense of harmony rose against a man which most Latinos now find as insulting and revolting.

[Image via Entertainment Tonight/ YouTube]