Kaitlyn Bristowe Says The ‘Brokeback Bachelor’ Duo Would Have Been The Ultimate ‘Bachelorette’ 2-On-1 Date

Kaitlyn Bristowe is quickly narrowing down her group of guys on The Bachelorette. Monday night, she put J.J. Lane up against Joe Bailey on the ultimate showdown in the world of television courtship: a 2-on-1 date with only one rose available.

It was Joe who got Kaitlyn’s confirmation. But if she’d had the power to add more drama to the show, she might not have chosen Joe to go up against J.J. in the first place. She might have kept the “Brokeback Bachelor” storyline going a bit longer.

Earlier in the season, Clint Arlis revealed he and J.J. Lane had become “close,” implying there was something more than a simple bromance going on. Clint told the cameras he had no interest in Kaitlyn, but wanted to stick around to be close to J.J. While ABC promos played up the possibility the men were romantically involved, a TMZ report quickly outed Clint and J.J. as athletes who were not gay.

Arlis was eliminated before a rose ceremony, and in a dramatic move J.J. turned on him. Fellow contestant Tanner Tolbert noted the devastated look on Clint’s face.

“Clint’s face goes from already sad to even sadder…. I honestly think Clint was more sad to hear JJ turn on him than have Kaitlyn send him home.”

Tanner then called out J.J. for being disloyal to Clint. In the lead-up to that episode, host Chris Harrison had said there were “many layers” to the Clint and J.J. relationship.

During Monday’s 2-on-1 date, J.J. told Kaitlyn he once made a mistake by cheating on his wife. Kaitlyn said he seems like someone who learns from his mistakes, but sent him home anyway.

In her live-tweet of the program, Bristowe hinted it may have served the Bachelorette plotlines to have Clint stick around, for at least a little bit. Imagine how the 2-on-1 would have ended if it had been Clint, and not Joe, hanging out with J.J. and Kaitlyn in Ireland.

She may have been looking for a laugh, however, by choosing Joe and J.J. for the 2-on-1. During an ABC interview, Kaitlyn was asked to describe each of her remaining suitors in one word. She called Joe “hilarous” and J.J. “goofy.”

For the record, she called Tanner “genuine,” Shawn Booth “babe,” and Nick Viall “intense.”

The Bachelorette airs Mondays on ABC.

[Image: ABC via The Daily News]