Camouflage Wearing Woman Arrested Outside Britney Spears Home

Police in Los Angeles County have arrested a camouflage wearing woman with a camera whom they say was caught hiding and peeping in through Britney Spears’ windows.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department arrested a woman by the name of Miranda Tozier-Robbins on Thursday morning after security guards observed and stopped her at Britney Spears home in Calabasas. Sheriff’s deputies said the 26-year-old stalker was given a citation for trespassing and disorderly conduct and released.

The trespassing incident happened a few hours before Britney was scheduled to perform one of her two shows this week in Los Angeles. Where the singer was at the time is unknown. The sheriff’s department said it did not know, and an e-mail sent to Spears’ publicist was not immediately returned.