Husband Stabbed Wife 24 Times When She Told Him Marriage Was Over [Graphic Language]

knives, Photo By Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty Images

John Barron, 34, first attempted to strangle his wife in their bed. Later, downstairs, armed with two kitchen knives, he stabbed her repeatedly–24 times in total. All because she told him that their marriage was over. The court heard the detail of the attack.

The night started with Barron taking many drugs–over 100 Valium tablets, he stated–and he was subsequently stopped by the PCSO around 7:45 on November 25, 2014. He was arrested but became aggressive. Barron was taken to a hospital and subsequently released, and he was taken home that night by the police around 10:30 p.m. He went to bed, but awakened Susan Barron, his wife, around 6 a.m. the next morning.

He repeatedly plunged a blade into his wife’s neck, abdomen, arms, and legs. He even kept stabbing her after police arrived. Susan Barron now lives in fear and even moved because of the vicious attack, and stated the following according to the Mirror.

“I honestly thought I was going to die. This has had a profound effect on me and my son. I have the support of friends and family but when I’m alone I reflect on how I could easily have been killed. I’ve been unable to return home and had to be re-housed, which has brought added stress. I’m terrified my attacker finds out where I’m living and I will be looking over my shoulder for the rest of my life thinking I’m going to come across him. I’ve watched my son go from being an outgoing young man to a quite subdued person since this and as a direct result he is receiving treatment from mental health professionals. As a mother I find this very difficult to cope with and I only hope the passage of time means he can get back to his old self.”

Prosecutor Jolyon Perks told the court the following about how Susan was attacked when she decided to tell her husband that the marriage was over, according to the Chronicle Live.

“His continuing behavior had meant she had decided at that point to tell him as far as she was concerned, the relationship was over and she’d had enough. The defendant jumped on top of her, pinned her to the bed and began to strangle her with both hands round her neck.”

Susan’s terrified son David Quinn, 26, heard his mother screaming for help, as her life was at stake. He felt helpless and watched in horror, begging for John Barron to stop the attack. John Barron eventually turned on David, who had to barricade himself in his room. Eventually, David was able to go to a neighbor for help.

The court heard that John Barron held Susan up against a cupboard by her throat. He pinned her as he armed himself, with a peeling knife and a 10-inch bread knife, stabbing her at least four or five times.

When the police arrived, he continued to stab her, and Perks stated the following, according to the Chronicle Live.

“He was aware of the presence of police but deliberately ignored them and continued to stab Mrs. Barron. At one point he turned and stared at an officer before he bent over again and made a further three short jabbing motions with his hand. The police broke the kitchen window and the defendant walked over to the window and had no expression on his face and didn’t say anything. The officer told him to put the knife down and he looked at the officer then walked back over to Mrs. Barron and stabbed her again in the chest.”

While in custody, Barron said that he meant to kill his wife, who survived after medical intervention. He said that he had “seen a demon coming out of her mouth,” and stated the following.

“Is it attempted murder? Should have been murder, I was going to kill her.”

Barron admitted that he committed attempted murder and was jailed for 15 years with an extended licence running until 2035. He was also given an indefinite restraining order to keep him away from Susan and David.

Robert Spragg, Barron’s attorney, said that he is remorseful and wants to apologize, and that he understands that he lost the love of his life but agrees to have no further contact with Susan or David.

Another man killed his girlfriend after she attempted to break up with him. He pretended to be his girlfriend for two weeks after he murdered her. He allegedly killed her in a fit of anger. In a carefully thought-out plan, he studied her texts and how she wrote so that he could imitate them and trick others, such as her sister, into thinking she was alive, according to an article in the Inquisitr.

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