Alabama’s $30,000 BCS Trophy Gets Dropped, Shatters

Every member of the Alabama Crimson Tide can now take home a part of the trophy. The $30,000 Waterford crystal BCS Championship trophy was dropped over the weekend during a team function.

According to USA Today, a parent of one of the players was holding the trophy when they accidentally tripped on a rug. The trophy hit the ground and shattered into thousands of pieces.

The parent, whose name won’t be release, shouldn’t feel too bad since this isn’t the first time that a BCS trophy was accidentally destroyed. Florida’s 2006 trophy was accidentally shattered by a recruit. Orson Charles, who ended up playing for archrival Georgia, was identified as the culprit.

Alabama is currently looking at how it can replace the trophy. USA Today notes that Florida had to pay $4,000 to replace the crystal trophy.

Alabama only had their trophy for a few months, but a good amount of fans were able to see it. Before the unnamed parent dropped it, the trophy traveled around the state for fans to see.

Here’s a video of Alabama receiving the BCS championship trophy.