Katy Perry And Taylor Swift Feud Heats Up With Super Bowl Predictions And ‘Forbes’ Celebrity 100 Lists

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry may have not outwardly said that they’re in a feud, but the media seems to believe it. It all started when Taylor told Rolling Stone magazine that she wrote “Bad Blood” about another pop star who “sabotaged” her arena tour by stealing her backup dancers. It was revealed by dedicated fans that Katy Perry and Taylor Swift were touring around the same time a few years ago. Now, it looks like the singers are feuding when it comes to the Super Bowl and the Forbes’ Celebrity Top 100 list.


Swift and Perry’s feud have reached to epic proportions, thanks to Forbes’ annual list. The magazine has named Perry as the highest-paid female celebrity, knocking both Taylor Swift and Beyonce out of the top spot. According to the magazine, Perry earned $135 million from her Prismatic World Tour, including merchandise. She also makes money from her endorsements with Cover Girl and Pop Chips. Meanwhile, Swift only earned $80 million, but she made up for it by ranking with DJ Calvin Harris as the highest-earning couple.

Now, it looks like Katy and Taylor still have “Bad Blood” between them. Rumors are swirling again that Katy plans to diss Taylor back in her new music. An insider told Hollywood Life that Katy is being cautious on how she handles her alleged feud with Taylor because she doesn’t want to look like the bad person in this bitter fight.

“[Katy] is going to to steer clear from public bashing when it comes to interviews or on social media because she doesn’t want to look like the bitter one or the bad guy. She has an image to uphold. An image that makes her a lot of money. Something she is not interested in losing. She doesn’t want to lose fans for it as well. But that doesn’t mean she will not let her music do the talking, a diss track is still planned and then that will be it. They’ll never be friends but Katy doesn’t want this feud to define her career. She’ll do the song and move on.”

Swift is still in talks to be the front runner for the 2016 Super Bowl Halftime Show. Another insider told the Hollywood Life that Perry isn’t too crazy about the idea. Perry’s confident that Swift’s performance won’t be as iconic – or as colorful as hers.

“Katy is not surprised that the NFL would want Taylor to be a part of the show and if she ever does it she is in no rush to watch it. Katy’s feelings are, good luck topping her performance because Katy believes she killed it this year and Taylor or anyone that does it will have an uphill battle ahead of them.”

After all, the Super Bowl was all part of Katy Perry’s plan to brand her name and reach more people so she could increase both her popularity and net worth. And it all worked in favor since a record-breaking 118.5 million people watched that night. Will Taylor Swift do the same? Will the Forbes‘ list make Katy Perry and Taylor Swift’s alleged feud worse? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.